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About CensorNet

CensorNet, the next generation cloud security company, helps organisations step up to the challenge of managing an increasingly mobile work environment. Its solutions give greater visibility to senior management and much better control to the IT department in the supervision of company-wide internet access and the use of web applications across all devices, regardless of whether users are in-office or mobile. It gives organisations the power to address the productivity, security and audit issues associated with the growing use of mobile devices and helps them safely implement BYOD (bring your own device) initiatives into the business.

CensorNet helps businesses embrace the full benefits of the Cloud while

  • Increasing productivity by allowing IT to set policies for web access by user, time and quota
  • Improving web security by eliminating the risk of web threats and extending security policies to all devices
  • Reducing bandwidth cost and optimising network performance by restricting content types
  • Reducing business risk and liability by enabling compliance with BECTA, CIPA, HIPAA and other regulations
  • Meeting audit needs by monitoring and reporting on any breaches or irregularities by providing detailed Internet use analytics and web application usage analysis

CensorNet‘s cloud security solutions offer users an enhanced web experience – with no latency – thanks to the use of proxy-less technology. The company is the only vendor that provides organisations with a central view of all web access and applications in use across all devices.