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CensorNet for Education

Create a safe learning environment
Web filters in schools and universities can be easily bypassed by tech savvy students. But, at the same time it is your duty as an education establishment to provide a safe learning environment.

It’s also imperative that you do everything you can to protect your students from cyber-bullying, internet pornography and online and emailed malware.

Educational establishments need to ensure that they provide safe Internet access for all their students and staff and need to demonstrate reasonable and effective measures to control access to the Internet.

Our suite of services offer your school the tools needed to protect students and staff and to stay compliant. And, our services still allow your staff and students to use email and the web in the normal way.

CensorNet Secure Web Gateway: One solution to help you meet the new government anti-radicalisation law and help prevent cyber bullying in your school.

CensorNet Hybrid Web Security: The power to control web activity across multiple networks and devices.

CensorNet Email Security: Protect and control all email in your school.

CensorNet Desktop Monitoring: Complete visibility of student desktop activity.

View our video on how CensorNet is used for anti-radicalisation

Great filtering system for our school. Always works, fantastic support if you get stuck! Would highly recommend this.

Lewis Hall, Pleckgate High School