CensorNet prides itself in providing a high level of customer service from the outset, even before you spend a penny. Our clients are all important, regardless of size or value. Our clients come from a diverse range of industries and are located globally. This page provides an overview of our clients - if you require further information please contact us.

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Customer spread

As at Q3 2012

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Customer segmentation As at Q3 2013

Five randomly chosen testimonials

The product is truly fantastic, support is out of this world and the fact that it does advanced internet filtering with minimum impact is outstanding.

West Derby School

Thanks for the very kind, prompt attention as usual.

It is not very often you find a company that is not only prepared to work with an Academy but actually understands the operation itself and is prepared to compromise on costs to maintain a near-as-matters, close to perfect service.

Roger James, Network Manager,
Lincoln Castle Academy

Let me start off by first saying that the CensorNet Pro product is the best that I have seen in a long time. Its a great system that allows us to stay on top of our resources.

Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital

You were on the same page I was. It was so easy to perform the instructions you gave me, it was like add water to instant soup and thats it. Great..!

Parkway Products, Mexico

The CensorNet Professional Web Filtering Solution is the perfect product for us and meets our requirements. It is easy to manage and easy to update. The service support team is very professional, patient, understanding, easy to communicate with, and very down to earth.