CensorNet prides itself in providing a high level of customer service from the outset, even before you spend a penny. Our clients are all important, regardless of size or value. Our clients come from a diverse range of industries and are located globally. This page provides an overview of our clients - if you require further information please contact us.

Customer spread

Customer spread

As at Q3 2012

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Customer segmentation As at Q3 2013

Five randomly chosen testimonials

Let me start off by first saying that the CensorNet Pro product is the best that I have seen in a long time. Its a great system that allows us to stay on top of our resources.

Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital

From an IT standpoint, I love the safety we gain from using CensorNet. We have not had any spyware, adware, malware, trojans, nor viruses since using it. CensorNet is as solid as a rock.

Director of IT, Karp Associates, Inc

I first started using CensorNet in my previous school. The benefit was it just ran. It did everything it said on the tin!

Network Manager, Woodcote High School

CensorNet has provided us with all of the relevant information we needed to fine tune our internet access strategy and policy.  As a result, staff now experience better remote access connectivity into our head office because we have been able to restrict when and who streams video and audio over their local internet connections, thus freeing up precious bandwidth at remote sites.  We have also seen a reduction in the web browsing time for every user on non-related work sites.  The software has paid for itself within 6 weeks.  We are delighted.

Rhys Davies, Wales Co-operative

It is beyond our wildest dreams to have something so effective yet so simple to use.

Rock Ferry High School