CensorNet prides itself in providing a high level of customer service from the outset, even before you spend a penny. Our clients are all important, regardless of size or value. Our clients come from a diverse range of industries and are located globally. This page provides an overview of our clients - if you require further information please contact us.

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Customer spread

As at Q3 2012

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Five randomly chosen testimonials

It is beyond our wildest dreams to have something so effective yet so simple to use.

Rock Ferry High School

You were on the same page I was. It was so easy to perform the instructions you gave me, it was like add water to instant soup and thats it. Great..!

Parkway Products, Mexico

After downloading, installing and evaluating a number of internet filtering products, I finally came across Censornet. We have a fairly complex computing environment, but the modular nature and excellent support offered by the help team made the installation and configuration of the product easy.

Although Censornet does not do protocol filtering, it offers the the school environment an excellent and cost effective package for the education environment. The reporting, configuration and indeed the entire admin interface is very intuitive and easy to use. For instance, I was taken with the ‘disable for a set period of time option for our users’.

I was also particularly pleased to be able to converse (via email) with the development team, and they seem amenable to a few requests for enhancement so that I can improve its use in our environment even more. Contrast that with the ‘get a support ticket and wait’ approach from the other vendors.

A good robust product and I would certainly recommend at least a trial.

Peter (School Based Network Administrator)

I have to say it was one of the easiest installs and setups I have ever had. I had CensorNet running and filtering in about 30 minutes.

Senath Hornersville School

Let me start off by first saying that the CensorNet Pro product is the best that I have seen in a long time. Its a great system that allows us to stay on top of our resources.

Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital