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Thanks for the very kind, prompt attention as usual.

It is not very often you find a company that is not only prepared to work with an Academy but actually understands the operation itself and is prepared to compromise on costs to maintain a near-as-matters, close to perfect service.

Roger James, Network Manager,
Lincoln Castle Academy

Currently running CensorNet Pro - wonderful product!

IT Administrator, Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital

After downloading, installing and evaluating a number of internet filtering products, I finally came across Censornet. We have a fairly complex computing environment, but the modular nature and excellent support offered by the help team made the installation and configuration of the product easy.

Although Censornet does not do protocol filtering, it offers the the school environment an excellent and cost effective package for the education environment. The reporting, configuration and indeed the entire admin interface is very intuitive and easy to use. For instance, I was taken with the ‘disable for a set period of time option for our users’.

I was also particularly pleased to be able to converse (via email) with the development team, and they seem amenable to a few requests for enhancement so that I can improve its use in our environment even more. Contrast that with the ‘get a support ticket and wait’ approach from the other vendors.

A good robust product and I would certainly recommend at least a trial.

Peter (School Based Network Administrator)

I first started using CensorNet in my previous school. The benefit was it just ran. It did everything it said on the tin!

Network Manager, Woodcote High School

CensorNet has provided us with all of the relevant information we needed to fine tune our internet access strategy and policy.  As a result, staff now experience better remote access connectivity into our head office because we have been able to restrict when and who streams video and audio over their local internet connections, thus freeing up precious bandwidth at remote sites.  We have also seen a reduction in the web browsing time for every user on non-related work sites.  The software has paid for itself within 6 weeks.  We are delighted.

Rhys Davies, Wales Co-operative