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Partnerships that work both ways.

Partner program


We operate a flexible partner program that covers a variety of different ideas and requirements that you may have as a potential partner. Potential partners can join us at the basic level and work their way up taking on more commitment and responsibility in return for higher rewards. The partnership opportunities are outlined below. To discuss a partnership in more detail, please contact our partner relationship team.

Associate Partner program

The Associate Partner program is ideal for consultants or resellers that wish to introduce customers to CensorNet on an ad hoc basis. It is a simple program that has no requirements and one where we reward you with 15% of the net value of the order placed with us as a result of your introduction.

For example - introduce a potential client to us and if the client places an order for GBP £1,000, we will pay you GBP £150 or alternatively if you prefer to bill the client directly you can purchase the product from us for GBP £850.

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Channel Partner program

The CensorNet Channel Partner program is open to all companies that wish to add value to their portfolio by including CensorNet products - whether they are resellers, integrators, managed service providers or distributors. Channel Partners add value to the customer by incorporating additional services such as installation, consultancy and support into the overall solution.

The CensorNet Channel Partner Program helps Channel Partners generate sales, increase revenue, profit margins and expand their customer base through cross selling and up selling CensorNet products.

In joining the Channel Partner program, you receive the following:

  • Attractive margins on all sales
  • Sales leads
  • Listing in our Partner Directory with link to your web site
  • Marketing material
  • Lead protection
  • Not-for-resale (NFR) license for internal use
  • Product support and training
  • Partner logo for your web site
  • Access to the Partner Portal

In return we expect:

  • A commitment to actively promote CensorNet products
  • One sale per quarter or equivalent sales activity
  • Shared funding of joint marketing activity
  • To display the Partner logo on your web site with link
  • Pipeline reporting

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Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) should join the Channel Partner program. In addition, the following opportunities are made available:

  • "White labelling" of the cloud services products e.g. customise them with your own logo and remove links to CensorNet.
  • Framework Agreement whereby you can transfer existing users from a competitor product to CensorNet in return for favourable commercial terms.
  • Flexible billing to suit your financial model.
  • Product customisation and integration services.

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Master Distributor

Companies eligible for Master Distributor status will have an established distribution channel in one or more territories. Master Distributor's can specialise in particular vertical markets, such as health care, education, etc if required. The Master Distributor can potentially be the sole distributor for the CensorNet products in their territory and/or vertical market.

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