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Web safety, monitoring and control

CensorNet Professional Web Filtering Software

CensorNet Professional is an internet filtering software proxy that allows you to control web access quickly and effectively; by username, computer, web site category and time of day. Simple network integration ensures that people browsing the web are authenticated and that their activity is recorded. Flexible policies allow you to be granular about what web based content is acceptable on your network. Safe Search enforcement and YouTube for Schools provides peace of mind for education environments and over 30 reports allow you to monitor every aspect of Internet usage.

The CensorNet Professional content filtering software can be deployed on a physical or virtual machine in sideways or inline bridge mode (promiscuous NIC mode required). Installation takes approximately 30 minutes and then everything is managed through an easy to use web-based configuration tool.

Product Screenshots

CensorNet Professional Internet Control Software has an easy to use web based interface. Click on the screenshots to enlarge them.

CensorNet Professional CensorNet Professional CensorNet Professional CensorNet Professional

Key Benefits

Rapidly improve productivity by limiting personal and non-business Web browsing to outside working hours based on flexible filtering rules.
Comply with BECTA, CIPA, HIPAA and the UK Pornography Laws and other guidelines to reduce business risk and liability.
Improve network security by eliminating the risk of Web borne threats, such as viruses, malware, spyware and phishing sites.
Improve network performance by regulating bandwidth, restricting unnecessary content types and utilising an on-disk web cache.

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CensorNet Pro Web filtering proxy now supports YouTube In Schools

Following the launch of YouTube In Schools, a school friendly version of YouTube, we are pleased to announce support for the service in CensorNet Professional 2.1.4 which is free to all customers.

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Internet Explorer 10 proxy settings via group policy

With the release of Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft have made changes to the way proxy settings are configured using group policy objects.

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Configure LDAP authentication with Active Directory for prompted sign in

It is possible to configure CensorNet Professional to use LDAP authentication with Active Directory rather than kerberos. Some customers have reported an increase in performance when using this mode. This article explains how to configure it.

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Windows 8 app store and CensorNet Professional

This article explains what exceptions may need to be added to CensorNet Professional to support the Windows 8 Professional app store.