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Web safety, monitoring and control

Active Directory Tools

The following tools compliment the CensorNet Professional product and are available to download free of charge.

Active Directory Synchronisation Tool (ADSync)

The CensorNet Synchronisation Service is a system service that runs on Windows Server 2003 and above. The purpose of the service is to synchronise the Active Directory structure with the CensorNet server, specified during installation. With the service running, you do not need to manually update CensorNet with changes to the Active Directory (users, groups, etc).

The service can synchronise based on Organisational Unit (OU) or Primary Group.

Click here to view the installation instructions

Active Directory User Identification Agent (ADAgent)

The CensorNet Active Directory Agent is a system service that sends network login credentials to CensorNet Professional for the purposes of identifying users and computers. The software should be installed on Windows 2000, 2003 or 2008 domain controller(s) and will run as a system service with administrator rights. Currently the software supports a single domain.

NOTE: The service is not designed to work in Citrix / Terminal Services environments. In this case, please configure Transparent Kerberos or NTLM as the user authentication option within CensorNet.

Click here to view the installation instructions

Windows Login Agent (CNLoginAgent)

CNLoginAgent is a small executable that can be run from a Windows login script when the user logs in. CNLoginAgent will send the domain username and computer information to CensorNet to identify the web requests being made from that computer. CNLoginAgent is ideal in environments where you do not have Active Directory and you do not want users to be prompted to login when opening a web browser.

Click here to view the installation instructions