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Web safety, monitoring and control

Remote Worker client

The RemoteWorker thin client is a lightweight piece of software that runs as a system service on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows7. The service is invisible to the end user and can only be installed and removed by a user with administrator privileges. The service transparently intercepts web traffic on ports 80 and 443 and forwards the requests to a CensorNet server, either on the same network or remotely. The RemoteWorker client does not use a VPN so it is very quick and works with any type of Internet connection (xDSL, 3G, Wi-Fi, etc).

The purpose of the RemoteWorker client is to provide filtering for roaming users and standalone computers that are not part of the corporate network (e.g. maybe located in a remote office).

Example diagram

RemoteWorker diagram


The following are example uses of the RemoteWorker Client in real world situations:

  • For a business that provides a computer or laptop to each teleworker for use at home, they need to apply the same Internet filtering policy as they do at the head office. They also need to monitor Internet usage from head office to ensure the equipment is being used for business purposes.
  • For a business with employees that use 3G access on limited use data tariffs, they need to ensure that the 3G is only used for business purposes to avoid large bills, especially whilst roaming between countries. They also need to report on bandwidth usage each month.
  • For a business with remote offices that aren't part of the corporate VPN but the computers still require filtering. For example standalone PC's with a USB ADSL connection. The client can bring these remote computers back under control of the central filtering policy.
  • For a school that supplies its students with Internet enabled laptops but wants to ensure that they are filtered in line with the schools Internet Access Policy.


Click here to download the RemoteWorker client