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Control the web. Fast, simple and powerful. Includes zero-touch BYOD web security.

CensorNet Professional v5 Secure Web Proxy

CensorNet Professional is a feature-rich on-premise web filtering and security proxy that allows you to control all aspects of web access quickly and effectively. Trusted by hundreds of organisations, from small businesses to large schools and local government, the latest release brings together over 10 years experience of making the web a safer and more secure place for employees, pupils and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments.

Example BYOD device with Captive Portal

Built from the outset with scalability in mind, the CensorNet Professional proxy excels in large networks and provides complete control of web content.  The proxy protects against malware, time wasting, illegal and unsuitable content, offensive images and provides a complete audit trail of web activity for peace of mind and accountability.  Education specific features make this a popular product amongst schools and colleges where a duty of care is paramount.

Product Screenshots

CensorNet Professional secure web proxy has an easy to use and responsive web based interface. Click on the screenshots to enlarge them.

CensorNet Professional CensorNet Professional CensorNet Professional CensorNet Professional

Key Features

Flexible Policy Engine - apply rules based on user and/or device groups. Control access to web content with over 140 pre-defined categories (or make your own), files, MIME, images, Safe Search and more.
BYOD and Guest networks - zero-touch configuration for BYOD devices with or without authentication.
User & Device management - Active Directory/LDAP authentication, user synchronisation and device based control (MAC/IP/Hostname).
Crystal Clear Reporting - over 30 pre-defined reports, real-time analysis of activity, custom report builder and more.

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