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URL categories

The URL database provides the following categories for use within filtering policies:


Web pages that discuss abortion from a historical, medical, legal, or other not overtly biased point of view

Abortion - Pro Choice

Web pages that push the pro-choice viewpoint or otherwise overtly encourage abortions

Abortion - Pro Life

Web pages that condemn abortion or otherwise overtly push a pro-life agenda

Advocacy Groups & Trade Associations

Web pages dedicated to industry trade groups, lobbyists, unions, special interest groups, professional organizations and other associations comprised of members with common goals


Web pages strictly devoted to advertising graphics, banners, or pop-up ad content


Web pages devoted to the science, art, and business of cultivating soil, producing crops, raising livestock, and products, services, tips, tricks, etc. related to farming


Web pages that promote, advocate or sell alcohol including beer, wine and hard liquor


Web pages that promote proxies and anonymizers for surfing websites with the intent of circumventing filters

Architecture & Construction

Web pages which involve construction, contractors, structural design, architecture and all businesses or services related to the design, building or engineering of structures and environments


Web pages related to the development or display of the visual arts

Astrology & Horoscopes

Web pages related to astrology, horoscopes, divination according to the stars, or the zodiac

Atheism & Agnosticism

Web pages that pursue an anti-religion agenda or that challenge religious, spiritual, metaphysical, or supernatural beliefs

Auctions & Marketplaces

Web pages devoted to person to person selling or trading of goods and services through classifieds, online auctions, or other means not including “traditional” online business-to-consumer models


Web pages operated by or all about banks and credit unions, particularly online banking web applications, but excludes online brokerages


Web pages which include genetics research, biotechnology firms and research institutions


Web pages or compromised web servers running software that is used by hackers to send spam, phishing attacks and denial of service attacks

Businesses & Services (General)

Web pages that include Businesses and Services, generally used unless there is a more specific category that better describes the actual business or service

Cartoons, Anime & Comic Books

Web pages dedicated to animated TV shows and movies or to comic books and graphic novels


Web pages that have product listings and catalogs but do not have an online shopping option


Web pages with real-time chat rooms and messaging allowing strangers and friends to chat in groups both in public and private chats

Child Abuse Images

Web pages that show the physical or sexual abuse / exploitation of children

Child Inappropriate

Includes tasteless content and material such as web pages that show cruelty (eg to animals), bathroom humor, tasteless material or other material potentially inappropriate for children

Command and Control Centers

Internet servers used to send commands to infected machines called “bots"

Community Forums

Web pages dedicated to forums, newsgroups, email archives, bulletin boards, and other community-driven content


Web pages that have been compromised by someone other than the site owner, which appear to be legitimate, but house malicious code

Content Servers

Web servers without any navigable web pages typically used to host images and other media files with the purpose of improving web page performance and site scalability

Contests & Surveys

Web pages devoted to online sweepstakes, contests, giveaways and raffles typically designed to obtain consumer information and demographics, but also used as part of various marketing efforts


Web pages dedicated to listing promotional codes, coupons, etc., either for printing for retail use or codes for online shopping

Criminal Skills

Web pages providing information on how to perpetrate illegal activities such as burglary, murder, bomb-making, lock picking, etcc


Web pages that promote relationships such as dating and marriage

Educational Institutions

Web pages for schools with an online presence including Universities, private and public schools and other real-world places of learning

Educational Materials & Studies

Web pages with academic publications, journals, published research findings, curriculum, online learning courses and materials or study guides

Entertainment News & Celebrity Sites

Web pages including news and gossip about celebrities, television shows, movies and show business in general

Entertainment Venues & Events

Web pages devoted to venues used for entertainment including comedy clubs, night clubs, discos, festivals, theaters, playhouses, etc.

Fashion & Beauty

Web pages devoted to fashion and beauty information and tips. Includes web pages that market products or services related to fashion including clothing, jewelry, cosmetics and perfume

File Repositories

Web pages including collections of shareware, freeware, open source, and other software downloads

Finance (General)

Includes web pages that discuss economics, investing strategies, money management, retirement planning and tax planning

Fitness & Recreation

Web pages with tips and information on fitness or recreational activities

Food & Restaurants

Web pages related to food from restaurants and dining, to cooking and recipes


Web pages which promote gambling, lotteries, casinos and betting agencies involving chance


Web pages consisting of computer games, game producers and online gaming

Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual

Web pages that cater to or discuss the gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender lifestyle

Government Sponsored

Web pages devoted to Government organizations, departments, or agencies. Includes police, fire (when employed by a city), elections commissions, elected representatives, government sponsored programs and research


Web pages with information or tools specifically intended to assist in online crime such as the unauthorized access to computers, but also pages with tools and information that enables fraud and other online crime

Hate Speech

Web pages that promote extreme right/left wing groups, sexism, racism, religious hate and other discrimination

Health & Medical

Web pages dedicated to personal health, medical services, medical equipment, procedures, mental health, finding and researching doctors, hospitals and clinics

Hobbies & Leisure

Web pages which include tips and information about crafts, and hobbies such as sewing, stamp collecting, model airplane building, etc.

Home & Office Furnishings

Web pages that include furniture makers, retail furniture outlets, desks, couches, chairs, cabinets, etc.

Home, Garden & Family

Web pages which cover activities in the home and pertaining to the family. Includes tips and information about parenting, interior decorating , gardening, cleaning, family and entertaining


Web pages which include comics, jokes and other humorous content

Illegal Drugs

Web pages that promote the use or information of common illegal drugs and the misuse of prescription drugs and compounds

Image Search

Web pages and internet search engines used to search pictures and photos found across the Internet where the returned results include thumbnails of the found images

Information Security

Web pages and companies that provide computer and network security services, hardware, software or information

Instant Messenger

Instant messenging software and web pages that typically involve staying in touch with a list of “buddies” via messaging services


Web pages the cover any type of insurance, insurance company, or government insurance program from medicare to car insurance to life insurance

Internet Phone & VOIP

Web pages that allow users to make calls via the web or to download software that allows users to make calls over the Internet

Job Search

Web pages devoted to job searches or agencies, career planning and human resources

Kid's Pages

Web pages specifically intended for young children (under 10) including entertainment, games, and recreational pages built with young children in mind

Legislation, Politics & Law

Web pages covering legislation, the legislative process, politics, political parties, elections, elected officials and opinions on these topics

Lingerie, Suggestive & Pinup

Web pages that refer specifically to photos and videos where the person who is the subject of the photo is wearing sexually provocative clothing such as lingerie

Literature & Books

Web pages for published writings including fiction and non-fiction novels, poems and biographies

Login Screens

Web pages which are used to login to a wide variety of services where the actual service is not known, but could be any of several categories (eg Yahoo and Google login pages).

Malware Call-Home

Web pages identified as spyware which report information back to a particular URL

Malware Distribution Point

Web pages that host viruses, exploits, and other malware


Web pages devoted to businesses involved in manufacturing and industrial production


Web pages about the plant or about smoking the marijuana plant. Includes web pages on legalizing marijuana and using marijuana for medicinal purposes, marijuana facts and info pages

Marketing Services

Web pages dedicated to advertising agencies and other marketing services that don’t include online banner ads


Web pages sponsored by the armed forces and government controlled agencies


Web pages that do not clearly fall into any other category

Mobile Phones

Web pages which contain content for Mobile phone manufacturers and mobile phone companies’ websites. Also includes sites that sell mobile phones and accessories

Motorized Vehicles

Web pages which contain information about motorized vehicles including selling, promotion, or discussion. Includes motorized vehicle manufacturers and sites dedicated to the buying and selling of those vehicles


Web pages that include internet radio and streaming media, musicians, bands, MP3 and media downloads

Nature & Conservation

Web pages with information on environmental issues, sustainable living, ecology, nature and the environment


Web pages with general news information such as newspapers and magazines

No Content Found

Web pages which contain no discernable content which can be used for classification purposes

Non-traditional Religion & Occult

Web pages for religions outside of the mainstream or not in the top ten religions practiced in the world. Also includes occult and supernatural, extraterrestrial, folk religions, mysticism, cults and sects.


Web pages that display full or partial nudity with no sexual references or intent

Nutrition & Diet

Web pages on losing weight and eating healthy, diet plans, weight loss programs and food allergies

Online Financial Tools & Quotes

Web pages for investment quotes, online portfolio tracking, financial calculation tools such as mortgage calculators, online tax preparation software, online bill payment and online budget tracking software

Online Information Management

Web pages devoted to online personal information managers such as web applications that manage todo lists, calendars, address books, etc.

Online Shopping

Websites and web pages that provide a means to purchase online

Online Stock Trading

Investment brokerage web pages that allow online trading of stocks, mutual funds and other securities


Web pages that have been purchased to reserve the name but do not have any real content

Parks, Rec Facilities & Gyms

Web pages which include parks and other areas designated for recreational activities such as swimming, skateboarding, rock climbing, as well as for non-professional sports such as community athletic fields

Pay To Surf

Web sites that offer cash to users who install their software which displays ads and tracks browsing habits effectively allowing users to be paid while surfing the web


Web pages that provide peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing software

Personal Pages & Blogs

Web pages including blogs, or a format for individuals to share news, opinions, and information about themselves. Also includes personal web pages about an individual or that individual’s family

Personal Storage

Web sites used for remote storage of files, sharing of large files, and remote Internet backups

Pets & Animals

Web pages with information or products and services for pets and other animals including birds, fish, and insects


Web pages which include prescribed medications and information about approved drugs and their medical use

Philanthropic Organizations

Web pages with information regarding charities and other non-profit philanthropic organizations and foundations dedicated to altruistic activities


Manipulated web pages and emails used for fraudulent purposes, also known as phishing

Photo Sharing

Web pages that host digital photographs or allow users to upload, search, and exchange photos and images online

Physical Security

Web pages devoted to businesses and services related to security products or other security aspects excluding computer security

Piracy & Copyright Theft

Web pages that provide access to illegally obtained files such as pirated software (aka warez), pirated movies, pirated music, etc.


Web pages which contain images or videos depicting sexual acts, sexual arousal, or explicit nude imagery intended to be sexual in nature

Portal Sites

General web pages with customized personal portals, including white/yellow pages

Private IP Address

Web pages for Private IP addresses are those reserved for use internally in corporations or homes

Product Reviews & Price Comparisons

Web pages dedicated to helping consumers comparison shop or choose products or stores, but don’t offer online purchasing options


Web pages that use either frequent profanity or serious profanity

Professional Networking

Social networking web pages intended for professionals and business relationship building

Real Estate

Web pages possessing information about renting, purchasing, selling or financing real estate including homes, apartments, office space, etc.


Web pages that redirect to other pages on other web sites

Reference Materials & Maps

Web pages which contain reference materials and are specific to data compilations and reference shelf material such as atlases, dictionaries, encyclopedias, census and other reference data


Web pages which cover main-stream popular religions world-wide as well as general religion topics and theology

Remote Access

Web pages that provide remote access to private computers or networks, internal network file shares, and internal web applications

Retirement Homes & Assisted Living

Web pages containing information on retirement homes and communities including nursing care and hospice care


Web pages whose primary purpose and majority of content is child appropriate, but who have regular or irregular sections of the site with sexually themed, non-educational material

School Cheating

Web pages that contain test answers, pre-written term papers and essays, full math problem solvers that show the work and similar web sites that can be used to cheat on homework and tests

Search Engines

Web pages supporting the searching of web, newsgroups, pictures, directories, and other online content

Self-help & Addiction

Web pages which include sites with information and help on gambling, drug, and alcohol addiction as well as sites helping with eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and over-eating

Sex & Erotic

Web pages with sexual content or products or services related to sex, but without nudity or other explicit pictures on the page

Sex Education & Pregnancy

Web pages with educational materials and clinical explanations of sex, safe sex, birth control, pregnancy, and similar topics aimed at teens and children

Shipping & Logistics

Web pages that promote management of inventory including transportation, warehousing, distribution, storage, order fulfillment and shipping

Social and Affiliation Organizations

Web pages built around communities of people where users “connect” to other users

Social Networking

Social networking web pages and online communities built around communities of people where users “connect” to other users

Software, Hardware & Electronics

Web pages with information about or makers of computer equipment, computer software, hardware, peripherals, data networks, computer services and electronics


Products and web pages promoted through spam techniques

Sport Fighting

Web pages dedicated to training and contests involving fighting disciplines and multi-person combat sports such as martial arts, boxing, wrestling, and fencing

Sport Hunting

Web pages covering recreational hunting of live animals


Web pages covering competitive sports in which multiple people or teams compete in both athletic (eg football) and non-athletic competitions (eg billiards)

Spyware & Questionable Software

Web pages containing software that reports information back to a central server such as spyware or keystroke loggers

Streaming & Downloadable Audio

Web pages with repositories of music or that provide streaming music or other audio files that may pose a bandwidth risk to companies

Streaming & Downloadable Video

Web pages with repositories of videos or that provide in-browser streaming videos that may pose a bandwidth risk to companies

Supplements & Compounds

Web pages containing information on vitamins and other over-the-counter unregulated supplements and compounds


Web pages containing pictures of people wearing swimsuits. Does not include pictures of swimsuits on manikins or by themselves

Technology (General)

Web pages which include web design, internet standards (such as RFCs), protocol specifications, and other broad technology discussions or news

Television & Movies

Web pages about television shows and movies including reviews, showtimes, plot summaries, discussions, teasers, marketing sites, etc.

Text Messaging & SMS

Web pages used to send or receive simple message service (SMS) text messages between a web page and a mobile phone


Web pages promoting the use of tobacco related products (cigarettes, cigars, pipes)

Torrent Repository

Web pages that host repositories of torrent files, which are the instruction file for allowing a bittorrent client to download large files from peers


Web pages dedicated to manufacturers of toys, including toy selling or marketing sites


Web pages which translate languages from one to another


Web pages which provide travel and tourism information, online booking or travel services such as airlines, car rentals, and hotels


Web pages that give an error such as, “Network Timeout", "The server at is taking too long to respond” or “Address Not Found"


Web pages that promote questionable activities such as violence and militancy


Web pages that include guns and weapons when not used in a violent manner

Web Hosting, ISP & Telco

Web pages for web hosting and blog hosting sites, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and telecommunications (phone) companies

Web-based Email

Web pages which enable users to send and/or receive email through a web accessible email account

Web-based Greeting Cards

Web pages that allow users to send or receive online greeting cards


Web pages or websites in which a community maintains a set of informational documents where anyone in the community can update the content