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Complete visibility of computer activity as video

CensorNet Desktop Surveillance

CensorNet Desktop Surveillance is a client-server solution for monitoring, recording and analysing real-time activity on desktop, virtual desktop, terminal services and remote desktop sessions. There is no substitute for video evidence and with our desktop monitoring software it is like having a clever camera inside every computer. CensorNet Desktop Surveillance is a powerful PC surveillance software tool that will help you to prevent corporate security violations, discover sensitive data leaks, comply with regulations and improve employee productivity.

CensorNet Desktop Surveillance is a network based, monitoring system for desktop, virtual, remote and terminal services clients. Desktop Surveillance consists of an agent, which records activity on the computer (multiple monitors supported), a server which stores the video for later review and a viewer for analysing investigated data.

Product Screenshots

CensorNet Desktop Surveillance has a simple and effective Windows based administration interface. Desktop Surveillance Desktop Surveillance Desktop Surveillance Desktop Surveillance

Key Benefits

Know exactly what your employees or students are doing at their computer. Search by window title, application name, date, user and more.
Discover the misuse of confidential applications, sensitive data and intellectual property.
Respond to corporate policy violations with real and indisputable evidence.
Improve the resolution of computer problems - the administrator can view desktops in real-time and rewind back to when an error message appeared.

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Desktop Surveillance Software update for 2013

As 2013 draws to a close we are pleased to announce the release of version 2.2 of our Desktop, Terminal Services and Remote Access monitoring software, used by many different organisations for security, privileged user monitoring, training and compliance. This is our ultra cost effective alternative to ObserveIT and similar session recording tools.

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Desktop Surveillance TCP port numbers

Need to know which TCP ports Desktop Surveillance uses? This article answers the question.

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Migrating a Desktop Surveillance database to a new server

The following article explains how to migrate an existing Desktop Surveillance database to a new server. This applies to v1.x of Desktop Surveillance using the Firefox Database (not SQL Server).

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Cloning a computer running Desktop Surveillance client causes problems

If you clone a virtual machine or computer that has Desktop Surveillance installed then the client will not appear in the Desktop Surveillance administrator tool after starting the cloned machine.