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Unique 'no proxy' hybrid cloud service

Hybrid Web Security from CensorNet

This product is based on CensorNets' unique hybrid web filtering platform that provides users with a consistent web access experience from desktop to laptop to mobile without the hassle and overhead of proxying. With this product you can centrally manage a web access policy that extends to roaming users, smart phones and tablets whether they are company owned or part of a BYOD environment. Prevent malware, anonymizers, adult material and time wasting web sites to increase security and productivity wherever the user is located.


Hybrid Web Security Hybrid Web Security

Product Benefits

Eliminate the burden of cloud based proxying from your network
Free up precious bandwidth on VPN connections and remote workers
Secure web browsing for Bring Your Own Device environments
Enforce filtering wherever the device goes without impacting on the user experience
Centrally manage all of your networks from one powerful web interface
Protect every device you own

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Solve the problems of traditional hosted web filtering services with CensorNet's hybrid cloud web filtering platform.

  • Cloud vs. On-premise - a tough decision as both options have their advantages and disadvantages. With the hybrid cloud web filter, the customer has the best of both worlds.
  • Smartphone & tablet support - extend filtering to mobile devices with dedicated cloud proxies and Cloud Link for iOS at no additional cost.
  • Bandwidth overuse – our unique "no proxy" architecture reduces wasted bandwidth offering a faster browsing experience on a wider range of devices and connections. Confidential web browsing remains on the customers' network. As the service provider, CensorNet passes these bandwidth cost savings on to the customer.
  • B.Y.O.D - the Cloud Gateway device creates a captive portal for authenticating anonymous devices, for example iPad's and smartphones that belong to staff.
  • Roaming users – for staff that travel or work remotely, the Cloud Link software agent ensures they are protected and filtered wherever they are.
  • Centralised management – in today's world, companies have multiple locations, branch offices and remote workers often in different countries. Manage your policies, users and reports from a central easy-to-use dashboard on the web.
  • Multi-tenancy – for MSP's, resellers and the channel, the platform is built with multi-tenancy in mind.
  • OEM/White label - for MSP's, resellers and the channel, the service can be re-branded to add value and grow an existing brand.
  • Carrier class - for service providers (telco. ISP, mobile) the platform can be deployed in an existing data centre to retain control of the end to end service.
  • Roadmap - our platform paves the way for the delivery of additional security services from a single dashboard in the near future.

CensorNet Hosted Web Security is a fast and flexible cloud based web filtering solution which is ideal for securing networks with multiple locations and remote, unsupervised or roaming users. Easily deployed by installing our Cloud Gateway software appliance or Cloud Link client software, it intercepts web traffic from any web browser on the computer using any Internet access point available; wired, Wi-Fi or 3G. An easy to use and centralised web console allows you to control and report on all user activity.

Unlike competitor products we do not proxy the data between each computer and the cloud. This provides a superior browsing experience for the user and reduces the amount of bandwidth required at either end. The Cloud Gateway or Cloud Link client takes care of this along with user authentication and security.

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