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Unique 'no proxy' hybrid cloud service

How does it work?

The hybrid cloud web filtering product has been designed to provide a consistent web access experience across multiple devices and networks - without proxying between the customer network or the endpoint and the cloud service. The easy to use yet powerful web dashboard provides a "single pane of glass" view of web activity across your organisation. The following diagram illustrates the components of the system:


  • Cloud Dashboard - Centralised management and reporting dashboard
  • Cloud Gateway - Network based software appliance for enforcing local control e.g. BYOD
  • Cloud Link - Endpoint software for Windows & Mac* devices which enforces web security policy off the network
  • Mobile Gateway - Proxy middleware for roaming smartphone and tablet devices



The web dashboard, available at is an easy to use yet powerful management tool for administering users, groups, filter rules, policies and reports. Whether you have 1 or 10,000 devices located in one area or geographically disperse, everything is managed via the web dashboard. In addition, the dashboard has a comprehensive and mature RESTful API for developers to easily integrate it into existing applications.




  • Unique proxy-less architecture - we don't proxy data from your end point device to our cloud.
  • You browse with your own real IP address over whatever connection is available
  • We allow you to offer a consistent web browsing experience across multiple devices (desktop, laptop, mobile)
  • Centrally manage your web browsing policies via our "single pane of glass" dashboard
  • Handle Bring Your Own Device traffic easily
  • Alleviate the burden of proxying from your internal VPN links saving precious bandwidth and improving the user experience


End point protection

To take advantage of our unique proxy-less architecture you will need to protect your end point devices with a mixture of tools that are included with the product. These are described below:

  • Cloud Gateway - this is a software appliance that can be installed on the network as a physical or virtual appliance. Cloud Gateway intercepts local network web traffic, provides Active Directory authentication and a Captive Portal for Bring Your Own Device environments.
  • Cloud Link for Windows - this is a software agent that runs on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems. Cloud Link intercepts web traffic on any web browser and provides transparent authentication with Active Directory. The service is secured with a password to prevent the end-user from disabling or uninstalling it.
  • Cloud Link for iOS - this is an app for Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) that provides a custom browser which can be locked down by MDM profiles