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E-mail security, archiving and continuity.

CensorNet MailSafe E-mail Filtering Protection Service

CensorNet MailSafe is a hosted e-mail filter and management service that allows you to control inbound and outbound e-mail, protect against viruses and spam and in the event of a mail server failure it allows you to access your inbox over the web. Unlimited archive storage provides a continuous backup of your e-mail. Stopping spam before it reaches your mail server improves your bandwidth and reduces the load on your mail server.

CensorNet MailSafe has a sophisticated rules engine that allows you to completely customise how mail flows to and from your organisation. You can set up rules to inspect the content of e-mail, investigate attachments, size, headers, images and take appropriate actions such as deliver, drop, quarantine and notify. There are over 20 conditional triggers that can be set up. An example may be to quarantine e-mails over a certain size and notify the administrator.

Product Screenshots

CensorNet MailSafe is managed through an easy to use web portal. Click on the screenshots to enlarge.

CensorNet MailSafe CensorNet MailSafe CensorNet MailSafe CensorNet MailSafe

Key Benefits

Zero up-front investment in hardware or software
Improve bandwidth and relieve stress on your e-mail server by removing spam before it enters your network.
Up to 7 years archiving of e-mail for regulatory compliance
Access e-mail even if your local e-mail server has failed
Powerful rules engine allows you to enforce acceptable usage quickly and easily.

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