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Web Filtering Solutions For Service Providers

Moving in parallel with the shift towards “cloud based” services in the IT industry, CensorNet enables service providers to offer Cloud-Based Internet Security Services; in particular ISP web filtering and e-mail filtering services.  Our cloud internet filter platforms are multi-tenant aware, highly scalable and completely customisable to suit the service providers’ requirements.

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Customised ICAP Server

CensorNet ICAP servers extend proxy servers by performing specific tasks such as content filtering, virus scanning, translation and more.CensorNet licenses its ICAP server to 3rd party vendors to integrate into their existing solutions, and fully supports the ICAP protocol specified in RFC 3507 and errata, including; message previews, 204 responses and request pipelining for increased performance. CensorNet can also build custom ICAP servers and provide a virtual machine or ISO installation image for ease of deployment. 

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Education & Non-Profit Web Filter Solutions

The Education & Non Profit sector have a duty of care to provide a safe Internet experience for all their pupils and staff and need to demonstrate reasonable and effective measures to control access to the Internet. CensorNet Professional is a BECTA accredited product and provides accurate web filtering for schools, colleges & universities.

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Business Internet Filter

CensorNet Website filtering service is ideal for small and medium sized enterprises that require a quick, simple and cost effective solution for managing employee activity online. A business internet filtersoftware solution such as CensorNet empowers you, the company and employer.

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Web Filters for Libraries

The increasing use of the Internet in public libraries has been accompanied by the adoption of systems to control and monitor access to ensure that only appropriate content reaches the library computers.CensorNet offers a straightforward library web filter solution for any libraries wishing to adopt a web filtering system to stop inappropriate content from being accessed by guests (anonymous or authenticated) in the library. This also mitigates risk from introducing viruses and other suspect material to the library computer systems.

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