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Consistent web access experience Report and filter Android devices

Android Web Filter
Cloud Link Web Filter for Android is now available

Android powers millions of smart phones and tablet devices the world over. If you use Android within your organisation, it is now possible to filter web content and control web browsing with our hybrid cloud web filtering service and the new Cloud Link client for Android.

As part of CensorNet’s hybrid cloud web filtering solution, customers can now deploy Cloud Link for Android on any Android powered device running version 2.2 and above. This means you can offer a consistent web access experience across more devices in your inventory and reduce the risk of time wasting and data usage charges from inappropriate browsing.

Internet Security for Android Phones

Cloud Link for Android runs as a background service on the Android device. After installation, the app is configured with a username and password from your hybrid cloud web filtering account. This determines the policy that is applied to the device. The Cloud Link app then hooks into the default Android web browser to report and filter web access. If the user tries to use a different browser, Cloud Link will block the web browser and require a password to open it again. The user is unable to stop/start or uninstall Cloud Link without the correct password.

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