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Secure web browsing for smart phones and tablets Control guest devices

PC, Tablet & Mobile Phone Internet Security for 'Bring Your Own Device' environments
The BYOD revolution is here....

BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, is exploding within almost every organisation. What is it? BYOD is where staff or pupils bring their own Internet enabled devices, such as smart phones and tablets, into the work place and want to connect to the Internet via your local network. In some cases, they may also want to share files on the local network or connect to application servers.

Mobile Internet Security

One of the main challenges is that these devices are the property of the member of staff or pupil and as such it is difficult for IT administrators to configure or install applications on those devices to increase security. These “unmanaged” or BYOD devices, if allowed to connect, can often browse the web anonymously leaving the organisation liable for any inappropriate web sites accessed.

To address the BYOD concerns of our customers, CensorNet has made available the Cloud Gateway software appliance as part of its hybrid cloud web filtering solution. The Cloud Gateway can be placed on a Wi-Fi or wired network and it will transparently intercept web traffic, authenticate devices and ensure that web activity is monitored and controlled. No configuration or app is required on the device, therefore IT administrators have an easy to implement web access policy for BYOD. The following diagram shows a typical deployment of Cloud Gateway within a corporate network:

Example Cloud Gateway deployment for BYOD

Once installed, it allows anonymous devices to be authenticated using Active Directory or basic authentication. The authentication happens via a Captive Portal, which is a web based login form, and you are able to customise this page to suit your organisation and terms of access. A screenshot of the Captive Portal page is shown below:

Captive Portal login page

You can read more about the hybrid cloud web filtering solution or request a 30 day evaluation.

Smartphone Internet Security

It is now possible to filter internet content for Android Smartphones via our Cloud Link Client. Read more about our Android Internet Security

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