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Business Internet Filter
Web Filtering Solutions for the Private Sector (SME / SMB / Corporate)

CensorNet is an effective website filtering service ideally suited to small and medium sized enterprises that require a quick, simple and cost effective solution for managing employee activity online.

Many employers may not realise the hidden costs of having a completely open Internet usage policy. The explosion of social networking sites such as Facebook, Bebo and MySpace means that people are socialising wherever they can get online - at home, at work or on the move.

A recent report by the BBC estimated that social networking sites could be costing employers up to £130 million per day in lost man hours. A business internet filter software solution such as CensorNet empowers you, the company and employer, to decide when it is acceptable to access these Web sites, for example only at lunch time, after hours or not at all.

But it’s not just about time wasting. There are now legal implications that employers face should employees under their duty of care be found to download or exchange pornography, offensive material or even use it as part of harassment against fellow employees. According to The Guardian newspaper, around one in five companies have experienced problems with employees misusing the Internet in a report published in 2004. CensorNet web filtering software for business uses a combination of in-the-cloud real-time content filtering, malware & phishing reputation services and a human classified database of over 200,000,000 web sites, to ensure that access to both known and unknown inappropriate content is avoided.

Another often overlooked factor is the effect this type of surfing has on the companies’ Internet connection. Bandwidth is consumed by employee’s sharing YouTube! videos and downloading large images which means a slower Internet experience for everyone on the network. In the UK, an audit of workplace PCs by security firm PixAlert discovered that more than a quarter (25.8%) of the 10,000 PCs examined contained pornography or other inappropriate images. In a world where more and more services are being performed online, such as Banking and CRM, it is important to ensure that good quality bandwidth is available for business critical tasks.

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