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BECTA accredited Internet filtering Trusted by hundreds of schools worldwide

Education & Non-Profit Web Filter
CensorNet Professional is BECTA accreditedContent Filtering for Education - Schools, Colleges, Universities & Non-profits

Schools, colleges and universities are faced with a constant battle to police large, distributed, networks where it is impossible to have a teacher or responsible person overseeing all pupil activity online.

Students are notorious for finding ways to bypass school web filters and fast to share that knowledge amongst their peers. Schools have a duty of care to provide a safe Internet experience for all their pupils and staff and need to demonstrate reasonable and effective measures to control access to the Internet.

CensorNet Professional is a BECTA accredited product and provides accurate web fitering for schools, colleges & universities.

Features include accurate blocking of offensive and unsuitable websites (based on a database of 100+ million known sites and real-time raters for unknown sites), blocking anonymous proxy servers (Anonymizers), real-time Image Filtering (a requirement to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act - CIPA), bandwidth management, scheduling, complete audit trail of user activity and much more.

CensorNet Mailsafe will automatically delete any harmful and unsafe emails before they can reach the network. Working as your first line of defense against viruses, malware and spam, it is designed to be easily administrated with enhanced image and content filters.

CensorNet works with industry leaders in the provision of software and services to educational organisations world wide.

Douglas Stewart EDU - DistributorDistributor

Douglas Stewart EDU Ltd ( is a specialist distributor of computer products into the education and charity markets. As part of The Douglas Stewart Company based in the US with offices in Canada and the UK, globally we have more than 60 years of experience in sales, marketing and distribution of products to education resellers as well as their end-users. Based in Hampshire, UK with distribution facilities in the UK and mainland Europe, Douglas Stewart EDU sells through education and charity focused resellers in over 35 countries throughout Europe.

CC Communications - Gold partnerGold partner

CC Communications ( is a specialist Education IT supplier with longstanding customer relationships with Local Authorities, CLCs, High Schools and Primary Schools. We pride ourselves on outstanding quality of service & support and as a result many of our customers have been with us for over 10 years.