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Secure public computers Mitigate risk from anonymous users

Web Filters for Libraries
Internet Content Filtering for Libraries and Public Access areas

Libraries are now diverse resource centres used by many people; from children to senior citizens. A library offers far more than books and is an important service within any community.

The increasing use of the Internet in public libraries has been accompanied by the adoption of systems to control and monitor access to ensure that only appropriate content reaches the library computers.

Libraries often offer free access to the Internet for the general public, which essentially means the people who use the service are anonymous, and therefore have the potential to use the resource inappropriately and without alerting library administrators.

CensorNet products comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) by allowing the library to block obscene material (content and images), child pornography and content harmful to minors. The products go further by providing the library with control over the levels of filtering they can apply and detailed reports provide complete visibility on Internet access. Furthermore, as members of the Internet Watch Foundation, the products have the ability to block the latest known illegal content on the Internet.

CensorNet offers a straightforward library web filter solution for any libraries wishing to adopt a web filtering system to stop inappropriate content from being accessed by guests (anonymous or authenticated) in the library. This also mitigates risk from introducing viruses and other suspect material to the library computer systems.

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