Desktop Monitoring

CensorNet Desktop Monitoring – complete visibility of user desktop activity.

Seeing is

CensorNet Desktop Monitoring lets you monitor, record and analyse user activity on the desktop. It records all user activity as a video and gathers data such as time, username, application name and key strokes. Giving you complete visibility of user activity.

Security breaches.

Security breaches can be very damaging to your business. They are also difficult to pinpoint. With CensorNet Desktop Monitoring you can identify when a breach occurred and use video evidence as part of legal action. Of course, it also acts as a deterrent to avoid breaches to begin with.


Be in the know.
Stay on alert.

CensorNet Desktop Monitoring allows you to see the real username behind an administrator login, so you’ll always know who’s really logged in. Get notified as soon as certain keywords are used, or when certain applications are accessed. Even monitor access to individual files. Helping you prevent data loss in your business.


See what you want.
When you want.

When it comes to flexibility CensorNet Desktop Monitoring has you covered. Conveniently export snippets of video for review or watch in real-time with our live video stream. You can even continue to record devices when they leave your network.

Getting Started

Our customer support team will help you:

  • Install required software
  • Configure and license management interface
  • Install and license client software

Other Benefits


Improve training

Session recordings can be used to train staff and identify best practice.




Compatible with all versions of Windows, remote access tools, devices with multiple-monitors and can also record Linux-based command line activity.




Fast and knowledgeable support comes as standard.