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Is your Web Security Cloud Application Proof?

Cloud Application Control is redefining web security

Discover and Analyse Cloud Application Use   Enable Safe Cloud Application Adoption    Increase Web Security Control Shadow IT   Ensure Compliance

Cloud Security Platforms for MSPs

Increase your revenue and add value to your customer proposition

Multi-tiered white label for brand protection   Rapid time to market   Multi tenancy architecture  Enable Shadow IT control and BYOD initiatives   Flexible pricing models  Customisation and integration support

Be protected anywhere, anytime

Cloud web security across all devices

Protects private, hybrid or public internet connections Central management of all user access to the web whether onsite, remote or mobile Granular reporting down to each individual

CensorNet redefines Secure Web Gateway with new in-built Cloud Application Control functionality

New cloud application discovery and analysis capability
Uncover shadow IT in use within your organisation
Deploys quickly and easily
and more…

Powerful, enterprise-class cloud security for your organisation

Is your organisation ready for the cloud application explosion?

CensorNet helps your organisation step up to the challenge of managing the rise of the cloud applications in an increasingly mobile work environment. Our solutions give greater visibility to your senior management and much better control to IT in the supervision of company-wide internet access and the use of cloud applications across all devices, regardless of whether users are in-office or on the road.

We give your organisation the power to address the security, audit, compliance and productivity issues associated with the growing use of cloud applications in the workplace. Our cloud security solutions help you discover and analyse user cloud applications in use, control Shadow IT and safely implement BYOD initiatives.

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Our Products
  • Web Security

    CensorNet’s on-premise and hybrid web security solutions help organisations step up to the challenge of managing an increasingly mobile work environment by giving greater visibility and control over internet access and the use of web applications across all devices, regardless of whether users are in-office or mobile

  • Email Security

    Cloud-based email security and backup service that scans both inbound and outbound email for viruses, phishing threats, content violations and spam.

  • Desktop Monitoring

    A client-server solution for monitoring, recording and analysing user activity on the desktop, virtual desktop, terminal services and remote desktop sessions