Cloud Security issues aren’t unknown

When Cloud was the new kid on the block, the risk of adoption was simply too variable and therefore untenable but that didn’t really matter. It was gathering such momentum the security market simply couldn’t keep up. So in line with tradition, the easiest option was to get the big red stamp out and mark […]

‘The frankly unstoppable rise of Cloud Application Control’

Once upon a time, not so long ago, we sought only to protect the Internet and Cloud Applications were simply the unruly, unknown beast that were yet to be tamed or understood. Times however have undoubtedly changed and as a consequence traditional security as we knew it, has been unceremoniously exposed to lack the flexibility […]

“e-Safety Legal Obligations – The Fall of the Supremacy of Pedagogy”

I have a proposition to make. My proposition is that it is not possible to train or educate pupils into not cyberbullying, not viewing pornography, not sexting and that the stance of many educators and education experts[1] that pedagogy is the best, the ‘supreme’ route to satisfy e-Safety legal obligations is, quite simply, wrong. I […]

“Let’s talk terrorism”

Let’s face it, there are far nicer topics to talk about than terrorism and perhaps that’s always been part of the problem; we may as well entitle this blog, ‘Let’s talk paedophilia’. Collectively we need to find ways of tackling subjects that we’d rather not discuss at parties. If for no other reason because they’re […]

Security doesn’t recognise size, silly

Have you ever asked yourself the question why the Small Medium Enterprise market is so poorly serviced by Security vendors? I have. I’ve never really understood why the industry as a whole seems so heavily geared towards servicing the big corporates; after all, the right to be secure belongs to everyone right? You’d think so. […]

How to Tame the Big Bad Wolf

So the reality is, the days of us saying “Oh my, what big teeth BYOD has” are probably over, not because the issue of risk has been solved entirely but the digital world is maturing and so must our approach to mobilising the value it can potentially bring. There are ways to ensure that it […]

Let’s not forget what we’re here to do

Porn; love it or pretend it’s something you once saw by accident at a friends house, was at one stage both the undisputed king and at the same time, utter scourge of the Internet. On the one hand, it reigned through sheer size and dominance (no pun intended) and on the other, it vicariously gave […]

The perceived risks of BYOD – Have they really changed?

The poor old IT department, if there were ever an Olympic sport where you could count the moments between suggesting that technology could change the world and then having it bite you on the backside by an unruly mob, well, they’d be gold medallists. Naturally, an IT team is predisposed to focus on the challenges […]