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Quickening Pace of Technology

Adoption of new and updated technology is critical to financial institutions – both to remain competitive, fend off disruptors and offer new and innovative solutions to retail and business customers.

The quickening pace of technological change is both the most productive and destructive force in the financial services industry today.

Cloud computing adoption within financial institutions is really just beginning. Whilst many organisations use SaaS applications for non-core processes – such as CRM and HR – over the next few years adoption will extend to cover core services such as credit scoring and consumer payments. Use of cloud services at the edge of operations will continue to grow.

CEOs of financial institutions are more concerned about cyber threats than any other sector. As use of third party vendors increases, alongside the adoption of evolving complex technologies, this concern is unlikely to diminish over the next few years.

Many organizations still rely on traditional controls-based, perimeter-focused cybersecurity models. As risks have evolved and the shift to the cloud continues at pace an updated model is essential.

The Censornet Platform

Censornet’s single cloud platform provides a simple, effective solution to address the modern attack surface, providing unparalleled insight into activity on the web, within cloud applications and over email – regardless of user, device or location.

The platform both keeps pace with and enables change, adapting as financial institutions add new services or adopt new applications.

How our platform can help you


Cloud Access Security Broker

CASB enables the safe adoption of cloud applications with precise control over the features or actions users can perform within hundreds of business apps.


Compliant Email Archive

This helps institutions fully meet the record keeping requirements under FINRA, IIROC, FCA and other regulations and legislation.


Rapid Deployment

Censornet’s unique architecture enables easy, rapid deployment - even in highly distributed environments – where there are large numbers of small branches and mobile users.

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