Public Sector Cloud Security

Cloud and data security for the public sector typically involves a combination of technical measures, such as encryption and access controls, as well as administrative processes and policies. These measures help to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data in the cloud. Some of the key challenges for public sector in terms of cloud security include ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, managing access to sensitive data, and protecting against cyber threats.

The ‘very real and present’ threat

The public sector is facing unprecedented challenges. Increasingly complex threats are being compounded by a huge rise in remote working, which has sounded the death knell for the traditional perimeter. Now, security must go seamlessly where the user goes – and trying to do that with legacy, siloed point products is unsustainable. Paired with this, the public sector is struggling to compete against the private sector in the battle for skilled security professionals. This shortage of talent all too often leads to alert overload.

The public sector is truly facing the perfect storm.

How can the public sector better manage their cyber risk?

With the both the number of attacks and level of sophistication increasing, the threat to public sector data has never been so high.  It’s essential to find new ways of keeping data secure, whilst still keep budget and resource limitations in mind.

Zero Trust

One approach that some organisations are taking is ‘zero-trust’. Zero Trust is a security model that requires strict identity verification for every person and device trying to access resources, regardless of their location – whether you’re working from home or sitting within the network perimeter.

Autonomous Integrated Security

Integrated security driven from a single cloud-based platform relieves this pressure on the public sector, enabling a proactive response to threats and effective threat intelligence sharing. Organisations can eliminate the vulnerabilities that sit between and across major attack surfaces by connecting email, web and cloud application security using identity and context.

Crucially, consolidating security with a coordinated approach makes cybersecurity easier to manage and helps future-proof defences. The cloud security platform both keeps pace with and enables change, adapting as public sector organisations add new services or adopt new applications.

Building the public sectors’ cyber defence

By building better cyber resilience, and working together to 'defend as one' we can build a stronger, better-defended public sector.

Total cyber security risk management ICON

Total cyber security risk management

With in-built intelligence feeds identifying, assessing, and processing over a billion threats per day across email, web, cloud applications and identity.

One platform, secure by design ICON

One platform, secure by design

One Integrated Security Platform designed in the cloud to fight evolving cyber-threats across email, web, cloud applications and identity in a perimeter-less world.

Advanced threat detection & prevention ICON

Advanced threat detection & prevention

Detect malicious activity before they take hold, and use our Autonomous Security Engine to forewarn and protect other channels.

Cyber security-first culture ICON

Cyber security-first culture

Drive cyber security skills through automated Security Awareness Training with deep analysis of engagement, completion, and risk scores on a company and individual level.