We worry about security outcomes so you can focus on sales outcomes.

A Multi-Channel Transformation

The retail industry has undergone a dramatic transformation in the last 10 years and continues to evolve rapidly.

Retailers are creating end-to-end digital retail experiences, moving away from traditional in store – and even online models – that are purely aimed at selling products.

This transformation is driving adoption of new technologies and requires deep integration across all channels – including web, mobile, social and traditional stores.

As the multi-channel experience becomes richer and more sophisticated, so the threat landscape changes.

Security incidents impact brand trust and confidence, translating directly into lost customers.

The Censornet Platfrom

Censornet’s single cloud platform protects customer and credit card data across multiple channels – including the web, cloud applications, and email – and helps meet the requirements of PCI DSS and data privacy and protection laws.

Data Security is embedded throughout the platform with keyword lists that can be applied to inbound and outbound email, information typed into web forms or posted on social media, and to the content of files associated with cloud application activity such as upload, share, attach or send.

How our platform can help you


Data Loss Prevention

Data security (DLP) includes predefined keyword lists for PCI DSS compliance, including identification of valid credit card PANs in a wide range of content.


Cloud Access Security Broker

CASB enables the safe adoption of cloud applications with precise control over the features or actions users can perform within hundreds of business apps.


Rapid Deployment

Censornet’s unique architecture enables easy, rapid deployment - even in highly distributed environments – where there are large numbers of retail stores.

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