"For our government customer, productivity has improved because users are logging in more often. It’s also improved the productivity of its IT team because users make far less support calls to the help desk because of the ease of use. And the solution has saved the customer money – the lower costs in buying and maintaining the product have helped make significant financial savings."

Thatchers Cider Company
"Looking at the different cloud security solutions on the market, CensorNet’s is by far the most secure and straightforward. CensorNet is lightweight in management yet robust in its offerings. The solution provides us with a level of security over and above that which other well-known brands could provide and is much less complicated to use. And as we grow as a business, we know that it will grow with us."

"Security solutions are hard to measure and judge. But we have seen a massive reduction of spam messages and phishing emails in particular. The CensorNet technology has really helped us to minimise cyber threats."

"We identified CensorNet MFA as the ideal solution. One-time passcodes are generated in real time and are locked to the individual login session ID making it a highly secure solution. It is also more convenient for our users since they always carry their phones with them, and it is hassle free for IT to administrate the solution."

"As a law firm, many of the cases we deal with are very sensitive, so the data we store is confidential. We were conscious that where our remote working environment was concerned, our security was only as good as the weakest password used by our employees. We needed to find a solution and quickly."

Østfold fylkeskommune
"The user experience is very important to us at Østfold fylkeskommune. Our users expect remote access to be easy, secure, and convenient, and they appreciate our effort in making it as intuitive and simple for them as possible."

Samuel Simmonds Memorial hospital
"The fact that we have used CensorNet since 2005 and continue to use it in the new hospital speaks volumes for the quality and performance of the product and the support we get from the company on the rare occasions we need it. It has been a great investment for the hospital and continues to provide us with the reliable and effective web security and content filtering that we need."

Belvedere College
"For anyone with a remote network that needs a simple yet powerful filtering solution, I cannot recommend this product enough."

Holstebro Kommune
Protecting user identities and the data of our citizens is very important to us, and as more and more people accessed our system it was critical that we could provide access without compromising security.

Bruun & Hjejle
"We have high security standards and see multi-factor authentication as an absolute necessity to keep our data safe."

Thumbs Up Bury
"Our experience of business disruption and the time it took to clean up after a major virus infection is one that we never want to repeat ever again. We are delighted with CensorNet Email Security, which has worked exceptionally well. We have received no spam and no junk mail at all. It represents excellent value for money and I have had no hesitation in recommending it to my colleagues in the online IT community."

Forward Financial Bank
"The FAEC has been pushing a lot of info on IT security, and they have been increasingly focused on the subject. I wanted to be proactive and be ahead of the game rather than sorry when it's too late. That's why I decided to implement CensorNet's Multi-Factor Solution."

P&A Group
"Because we handle hundreds of millions of dollars worth of transactions each year due to pension administration, we have to go through SSAE 16 audits with many of our clients, and our auditors love the fact that we use CensorNet MFA to secure remote access."

"We have witnessed massive take up of remote working since we implemented CensorNet MFA– 30 of our lawyers use it extensively. We have noticed a big uplift in productivity – in the first three months of being operational, there were over 400 log ins. The lawyers love it as it means they can service clients quickly and efficiently from home and don’t have to come into the office on weekends any longer."

Carolina Bank
"We are just a small IT team, so it was important to us that the solution we got was easy to manage and that our employees found it intuitive and convenient to use."

"Our collaboration was a success. Since CensorNet MFA, we had no more logon security or password reset problems. Moreover, this technology significantly reduced our helpdesk expenses. Flexibility, speed and professionalism are important to us -we recognised all these in the Inter Engineering/CensorNet team."

"At Intility it is our goal to meet our customers' expectations, both today and in the future. To achieve this goal — as well as to offload our helpdesk — it was clear that we needed a solution for managing password resets."