Consolidated Cloud Security: The Legal Sector’s ‘Silver Bullet’?

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As custodians of high volumes of valuable and sensitive information Law Firms face a constant barrage of cyber attacks.

Now, as we enter a new age of the workplace where ‘anywhere work’ is a necessity, the major shift in work location and jump to adopt new tools has highlighted the risks associated with the cloud and meant that many law firms have, or need to, radically re-evaluate their cyber security posture.

In this session, we will explore -

  • The drivers of change and implications for cyber security in a remote landscape
  • Securing data as your Lawtech moves to the cloud - must watch for iManage users
  • Why now is the time to take a holistic view of cyber security - including findings from Censornet’s mid-lockdown survey of 300 cyber security professionals
  • Real examples of Legal sector security challenges solved
  • How to quickly and easily achieve robust seamless protection and efficiencies across core security products​


Richard Walters, CTO, Censornet  

Richard has 30 years of experience in the IT industry from blue-chip to start-up, with a strong technical background, and over 15 years in C-level positions focused on information security. Knowing the challenges of the industry inside out, Richard drives Censornet’s technology forward to continually adapt and innovate its cloud-based security offering to help businesses manage the challenges of the modern threat landscape. 

About Censornet  

Censornet is the leading force in innovative and automated cloud security that offers robust, consolidated solutions for businesses. Our unique security platform and approach has led to more than 1,500 customers globally selecting us to protect their organisation and users from a range of security threats. From the point of user access to deep granular transparency and control, our security platform helps organisations confidently embrace the potential of the cloud without compromising security or limiting users. 

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