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CensorNet for Education

Schools, colleges and universities are faced with a constant battle to manage and police large, distributed networks. And it is impossible for teachers and staff to oversee and monitor all of the students’ online activity.

Students are notorious for finding ways to bypass schools web filters and are fast to share that knowledge amongst their peers. Every education facility has a duty of care to provide a safe learning environment, which includes safe Internet access, for all their students and staff and need to demonstrate reasonable and effective measures to control access to the Internet.

CensorNet Secure Web Gateway (formerly CensorNet Professional) is a BECTA accredited product and provides accurate web and content filtering for schools, colleges & universities. Its key features include:

  • accurate blocking of offensive and unsuitable websites – based on a database of 100+ million known sites and real-time ratters for unknown sites
  • blocking anonymous proxy servers (anonymizers)
  • real-time Image Filtering – a requirement to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act – CIPA
  • bandwidth management, scheduling,
  • Complete audit trail of user activity and much more.

The Hybrid Web Security (HWS) solution is based on CensorNets’ unique hybrid web filtering platform that provides users with a consistent web access experience from desktop to laptop to mobile without the hassle and overhead of proxying. With this solution educators can centrally manage a web access policy that extends to roaming users, smart phones and tablets whether they are company owned or part of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment, protect against malware, anonymizers, adult and inappropriate material as well as time wasting websites to increase security and productivity wherever staff and students are located.

CensorNet Email Security (formerly Mail Safe) automatically deletes any harmful and unsafe emails before they can reach the network. Working as your first line of defence against viruses, malware and spam, it is designed to be easily administrated with enhanced image and content filters.

CensorNet Desktop Monitoring monitors, records and analyses user activity on desktop, virtual desktop, terminal services and remote desktop sessions.


What our clients say

Great filtering system for our school. Always works, fantastic support if you get stuck! Would highly recommend this.

Lewis Hall, Pleckgate High School