Artificial Intelligence promises to stop attacks, eliminate breaches, ensure compliance and address team fatigue – but is AI really shaping up to be the cure-all we were hoping for?

With years of hype and widespread use of the AI buzzword, it’s a minefield for anyone making a purchasing decision – whether it be your next security solution, or even your next smartphone.  

Richard Walters, CTO of Censornet, has hosted a webinar session separating fact from fiction when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cyber Security, now available to watch on-demand.  

Watch this webinar to: 

  • Explore the misconceptions surrounding the AI hype 
  • Understand the different sub-fields of AI and their applications 
  • Discover the benefits AI really brings to cyber security

You’ll leave the webinar with a much better understanding of the different types of AI and which offer useful applications to improve your cyber security posture.