Fever-Tree sees CEO fraud drop by over 90%

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Company: Fever -Tree

Industry: Food and drink

Challenge: Fever-Tree needed an effective email security solution to protect its employees from advanced phishing and fraud attacks

Solution: Email Security

"Because Censornet has the technology to address modern targeted and sophisticated email threats, it gives me the assurance I need that attacks are being caught, and has resulted in a significant drop in the amount of fraudulent emails we receive."

Mayur Mistry, Head of IT Fever-Tree

Legacy solutions fall short

Premium mixer brand Fever-Tree was founded in 2004 to elevate the humble drink mixer. The company launched its first Premium Indian Tonic Water in 2005, with naturally sourced ingredients from around the world, and a name inspired by the local nickname for the quinine producing cinchona tree, ‘fever tree’.

Since then, its product range has grown to more than 20 different mixers, the company has grown to 245 employees based in the UK and US, and distributes globally to over 75 countries.

In February 2019, Fever-Tree’s IT team realised its incumbent mail filter was letting a large number of emails through to inboxes that they deemed to be spam and identified some containing malware.

“The number one problem we were facing was a staggering amount of phishing and CEO fraud, especially against our payroll manager who would receive up to 30 fraudulent emails a month,” said Mayur Mistry, the Head of IT at Fever-Tree.

The situation came to a head in May 2019, when an employee unwittingly clicked on a malicious link in an email and introduced ransomware into the company’s network. Although the attack was quickly mitigated before it could cause any serious harm it brought business proceedings to a halt while laptops were disinfected, rebuilt and redistributed to employees.

With more than 90% of Fever-Tree’s business carried out over email, and with employees forced to work remotely during pandemic lockdowns, the company needed a better email filtering solution to proactively identify and block suspicious emails.

Fever-Tree sees CEO fraud drop by over 90%

Since Censornet Email Security was implemented mid-2020, Fever-Tree has seen a 70% drop in spam emails, with instances of CEO fraud falling by more than 90%.

Before the introduction of Censornet, the payroll manager was inundated with malicious emails, receiving 20 – 30 targeted phishing emails a month. As the most pursued employee in the business, this was impacting their day to day activity and leading them to no longer trust what was real and what was a scam.

This all changed with the introduction of Censornet Email Security with LinkScan™.

The safety net provided by it, combined with the Censornet solution’s capacity to learn over time, means the company’s payroll manager no longer receives ANY fraudulent phishing emails, can trust that emails are genuine, and proceed more efficiently.

Mayur highlighted that Censornet LinkScan™ has proven particularly useful in protecting employees from phishing.

LinkScan™ checks links in emails at time-of-click for malicious URLs based on real-time reputation and content analysis, it also follows redirect links and scans links in the final target file to protect employees from malicious links, redirects and target files on the web and in the cloud.

By warning users of potentially malicious URLs before any damage is done, it has stopped a number of potential attacks before they occur and helped educate users.

Mayur commented, “From an inbox perspective this means the correct categorisation of emails, and a huge reduction in spam making it to employees, which is great news for our staff who can now actually trust what’s coming in. LinkScan™ is something we didn’t have before and it has been a massive success for us.”

“Because Censornet has the technology to address modern targeted and sophisticated email threats, it gives me the assurance I need that attacks are being caught, and has resulted in a significant drop in the amount of fraudulent emails we receive.

“The ease of use means not much intervention is needed from my team which has the added benefit of giving them time back to focus on more serious matters. It was also easy to implement, because it’s the type of product you can just put in an environment and let it do its thing,” explained Mayur.

Addressing modern, targeted email threats with ease

Censornet’s unique combination of email security layers include pattern matching, content analysis, algorithmic analysis, threat intelligence and executive monitoring, to evaluate over 130 variables extracted from each email message in order to categorise or quarantine potentially dangerous emails.

As a result of this highly effective combination, less effort is required from IT admins on monitoring email or responding to support tickets as fewer are raised, freeing them up to focus on other, more mission-critical matters.

Fever-Tree knows the importance of people in keeping the organisation secure and complement Censornet’s technology with the company’s cyber security training programme, which covers phishing and CEO fraud.

According to Mayur: “We need our employees to be aware of what a phishing scam looks like. Using LinkScan™ means they can see for themselves – in a training situation and, when the need arises, in the real world. But we aren’t leaving the security of the company in the hands of our employees alone – I have the peace of mind that the Censornet solution is catching the greatest threats facing the company over email.”

In contrast to the company’s previous mail filtering solution, which only offered personal quarantine, Censornet Email Security offers a group overview.

This enables Mayur’s team to see which emails have been blocked automatically and which are legitimate, so they can then be released. What’s more, it can learn from manual intervention as to what is and what isn’t allowed into the system; continuously improving.

Future-proofing its security estate with Censornet

“Unlike other products I’ve used in the past, getting everything up and running with Censornet was effortless. Any subsequent issues and questions I had were quickly and efficiently handled by the support team,” said Mayur.

The intuitive dashboard makes it easy for IT admins to use. The ability to visualise incoming and outgoing emails, for example, has enabled Mistry’s team to measure productivity – which is especially important during lockdown. It lends itself to effective auditing as well.

“While we are all away from the office, the ability to easily measure productivity from the Censornet dashboard is great. This also means we are able to audit outgoing communications to ensure no information is leaving the business that shouldn’t, and follow up if any suspicious requests are made.”

No matter where in the world Fever-Tree employees are, they are now protected over email globally. An additional benefit to the growing company is that the solution scales with them.

The 100% cloud deployment means as the company grows it’s easy to protect new staff, wherever they are, and as they move to a ‘full agile’ model long-term Mayur has an eye on the full portfolio in the Censornet platform to simplify full spectrum protection globally.

“When you’re looking at an email product try not to think of it as just an email product, but rather as one piece to the security jigsaw puzzle. That’s exactly what I had in mind when I chose Censornet: I didn’t just look at it as just an email security product,” says Mayur, “rather Censornet offers a multitude of other security offerings that all tie into each other and that we, as a business, will undoubtedly find incredibly useful in the future. I know that as the business grows, the Censornet product offering will be able to grow with us.”

Censornet offers a range of products that can scale to meet Fever-Tree’s growing security needs.

The Censornet Platform integrates Email Security, alongside CASB, MFA and Web Security. This means Fever-Tree can future-proof its security estate by adding more pieces to the Censornet Platform to complete the puzzle.

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