The Future of Cyber Security – January

Date: 27th January 2022

Location: Hybrid - Manchester and Online

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About the Event

COVID-19 has turned the events industry on its head. Many conferences have moved to video platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams and although these do offer the ability to learn and collaborate, they’re a poor replacement for in-person cybersecurity events.

In early 2020, as coronavirus took hold, Cyber News Group wanted to offer something different. That’s why we bought the UK and Ireland rights to an events platform like no other, Engagez, which offers the feeling of a real-world conference via a unique-in-the-market 3D immersive experience.

With impressive virtual venues built in 3D, our online cybersecurity conferences host up to 400 delegates. Immersive and engaging, it’s possible to perform video calls inside the platform for one-to-one chats with other delegates without the need to export to Zoom or Teams.

During the event, we provide the opportunity to eat and socialise with other delegates through a partnership with Just Eat. We even offer an afterparty with Live entertainment following the conference.

Visit Censornet

You can choose to either visit the Censornet virtual booth or meet our team in person at booth number 2. Our experts will be able to help you overcome a multitude of security, resource and operational challenges with the latest secure cloud platform technology.

Plan Smart: The Future is SASE

Join Censornet’s CTO Richard Walters as he explains what SASE means for your cyber security, dispelling the one-size-fits-all myth and helping you avoid common roadblocks. Today’s work environment has been fast-tracked along its journey to hybrid working. But what does this increasingly digital landscape, with an increased reliance on cloud-based apps, mean for your cyber security? Enter the era of Zero Trust. But this is only part of the journey we should be travelling on the road to SASE.

Find out more during Richard’s presentation 27th November at 2:35pm