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Hybrid Web Security

Power is nothing
without control.

CensorNet Hybrid Web Security gives you a “single pane of glass” view of all web activity across your company. It gives you the power to control all activity from one centralised cloud dashboard.

Reduce admin
for the admin.

Imagine you could manage web access for corporate networks, branch office networks, standalone computers, remote workers, guest users and BYOD’s all from one place? With CensorNet Hybrid Web Security you can. Managing web activity this way reduces IT admin substantially, making everyone’s life easier.

Is more.

Because CensorNet Hybrid Web Security is proxy-less you get three big benefits:

  1. It’s blazing fast, so there’s zero latency.
  2. It preserves the user’s real IP address enabling apps to work how they should..
  3. It maintains privacy with direct communication with the designated web server.

So, your users get fast, frustration-free web browsing on all their devices. And you get complete visibility and control.


The same web.
Different device.

Say hello to our follow-the-user philosophy. It’s at the heart of CensorNet Hybrid Web Security. With it, web access control passes seamlessly from desktop to laptop to mobile. So, you can let users bring their own devices and know they’ll be protected from malware, pornography and illegal content on all of them.


To the power of billions.

Using a database of billions of URLs CensorNet Hybrid Web Security instantly protects users from inappropriate websites. On top of that we use human inspection of content in multiple languages as well as advanced image scanning technology. This ensures your users don’t see what you don’t want them to see.

It’s not just content blocking either. CensorNet Hybrid Web Security takes care of malware with multiple layers of security. Our breakthrough online threat detection and predictive heuristics stop web-based malware threats fast.


Other Benefits


Total Control

Manage everything from one easy to use dashboard.



Stay Compliant

Helps with regulatory compliance related to web activity.



Fast and knowledgeable support comes as standard.

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