Autonomous Security Engine

Autonomous Security Engine

Automated Attack Prevention in Real Time

The Autonomous Security Engine (ASE) represents a transformational advance in security – individual engines automatically react at machine speed to attacks and stop them before they even enter the kill chain. Censornet deliver security outcomes. Take your organization beyond events and alerts and into 24×7 automated attack prevention.

Transforming Security

ASE is a core component of Censornet's single cloud platform that delivers email security, web security, CASB and MFA. ASE enables traditionally silo’d services to share security context, state data and events whilst leveraging world class threat intelligence.

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Attack Prevention

ASE allows core services to share security event, context and state data continuously in real-time. Individual services can automatically react at machine speed to threats and attacks, stopping them before they enter the kill chain.


Power to the Platform

Censornet’s single cloud platform eradicates complexity by deeply integrating your core security products.

Consolidating critical security products can save your organization thousands of dollars and management hours lost to separate systems, sprawling admin interfaces and management portals.

ASE leverages the intelligence gathered by the platform about user activity, devices, content and other entities to deliver security outcomes – instead of events and alerts – to already overwhelmed security teams.


Intelligent Insight

Censornet ASE adds invaluable insight into user application layer activity to SIEM solutions and complements network traffic analysis and endpoint detection and response systems.

Providing user activity information can rapidly explain whether the cause of an observed anomaly – such as a spike in traffic from a specific endpoint – was a result of a legitimate user action or should be investigated.

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Integrated Threat Intelligence

Censornet ASE comes pre-integrated with multiple world class industry leading threat intelligence feeds. ASE is updated 24×7 to automatically protect against new threat actors, without analyst or SecOps involvement.

With ASE activated email security will silently prevent attacks from new “phishy” or “spammy” domains and web security will proactively protect users from visiting new malware distribution sites.

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Boost Productivity. Slash Response Times

Censornet ASE automates repetitive low-level SOC actions freeing valuable analyst time to investigate complex incidents. Reacting at machine speed, response times are effectively zero.

For smaller organisations ASE can be game changing – implementing and acting on events and threat intelligence around the clock.

Works together with

The Autonomous Security Engine is formed from a combination of the existing Censornet products, allowing them to work together seamlessly for a stronger and more efficient security experience.


Secure your entire organization from known, unknown & emerging email security threats - including email fraud.

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Protect users from web-borne malware, offensive or inappropriate content & improve productivity.

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Discover, analyze, secure & manage user interaction with cloud applications - inline & using APIs.

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Reduce impact of large scale data breaches by protecting user accounts with more than just passwords

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Autonomous Security Engine

Take your organization beyond events and alerts and into 24×7 automated attack prevention.

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