Cloud Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Protect your organization and avoid compromising your accounts through weak or stolen passwords.


How it works

Add an additional level of protection to user accounts above and beyond a simple password to prevent unauthorised access in the event of password phishing, theft or brute force attack.

Product benefits

Simple, effective and intelligent cloud-based MFA.

Real-time session-specific One-Time Passcodes (OTPs)

Incorporates highly secure OTPs, and enables you to lock to individual sessions to prevent phishing.

Wide Application Support

Supports a wide range of systems, services and applications including all major VPNs and web applications (via ADFS).

Automatic Delivery Failover

Supports OTP delivery via email, SMS, voice and the CensorNet app with automatic failover between methods for high delivery assurance.

Integrated with AD

Fully integrated with Microsoft® Active Directory with the Unified Security Service (USS) AD Connector software/service.

Ease of Deployment

Easy to install agents for on-premise services, which connect to a 100% cloud-based backend.

User Experience

Intuitive enrolment, easy to read MemoPasscodes™ and live status feedback showing OTP expiry.

The astonishing volume of large scale data breaches should be enough to convince anyone to enable MFA wherever it’s available. In fact, if you haven’t enabled MFA on your IaaS and PaaS admin accounts then stop reading this and do it now –or call someone to do it – before your entire virtual enterprise disappears.

Richard WaltersChief Security Strategist - CensorNet

Technical Details

Cloud MFA datasheet

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Cloud Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Cloud Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) On-premise

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