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Our experience of business disruption and the time it took to clean up after a major virus infection is one that we never want to repeat ever again. We are delighted with CensorNet Email Security, which has worked exceptionally well. We have received no spam and no junk mail at all. It represents excellent value for money and I have had no hesitation in recommending it to my colleagues in the online IT community

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CensorNet Email Security brings virus scanning, phishing detection, content filtering and spam filtering together in one cloud-based service. Giving you one solution to protect against all the email threats your users could face, whilst giving you only one piece of software to manage and monitor.  

Better protected 24/7
Whether your organization is using an on-premise solution like Microsoft Exchange or a cloud-based solution like Google Apps or Office 365 with Hosted Exchange, you can now be even better protected with CensorNet Email Security compared to the native built-in security in those systems.

Multi-layered security
Every inbound and outbound email is scanned for viruses in the cloud. When detected CensorNet Email Security quarantines infected emails and attachments so they never reach your users.

It’s not just malware either, but threats from phishing attacks and ransomware are eliminated as well.

We can also see inside emails and scan embedded links. We assess the reputation of the URL as well as the link and IP address for known threats.

Our unique link scan feature checks links (URLs) inside an email at the point of clicking, giving users the option to safely preview the result and an assessment of the risk of the actual link in real time This unique approach eliminates the most sophisticated ransomware attacks, where a link destination is changed from the time being scanned to the time of the user clicking – which fools other link scan methods.

So, all you get is clean safe email.

And, when it comes to bandwidth hogging spam we’ve got you covered. It’s stopped before it gets anywhere near your network; improving bandwidth.

Complex rules. Made easy.
At the core of CensorNet Email Security is a sophisticated (but intuitive) rules engine that allows you to customize exactly how email flows in and out of your organization. The rules engine can inspect all aspects of email, including content, attachments, size, headers, recipients and more. You can take appropriate action, such as quarantine, re-route, notify or reject.

No hardware. No software.
CensorNet Email Security couldn’t be easier to deploy. It runs in the cloud, so just a simple change to your MX records and all your email is protected.

When email goes down. Work goes on.
We all know what chaos is caused by an email server failure, but if yours goes down you needn’t worry. With CensorNet Email Security you get an emergency inbox so your staff can carry on working. Which means you have one less thing to worry about and your staff stay productive.

Why choose CensorNet?

Choosing a security platform is an important decision

Our Unified Security Service is the only security platform that offers, web filtering, email scanning, and cloud application control (CAC/CASB) in one single secure solution, protected by user authentication, making life so much simpler! 

CensorNet enable you to monitor and control web, email and cloud application use, and provides sophisticated 360-degree threat protection, protecting your employees, whether in the office or mobile, against cyber-attacks and accidental or malicious leaks of sensitive information.

The proxy-less architecture provides a fast and unobtrusive user experience that doesn’t hinder productivity or cause frustration. It is a cloud solution that meets your immediate needs and scales easily, without needing costly integrations or customizations to meet your goals.

How do we do this?


CensorNet Email Security provides comprehensive protection against email born malware and ensures that every email is scanned through multiple anti-virus engines. This scanning is backed up by CensorNet’s own detection algorithms included as standard.

Customers can create comprehensive rules for the handling of positive virus detections and the rules engine can decide whether the email should be tagged, deleted, or placed in a secure, sandboxed quarantine.

The Secure Quarantine feature allows administrators to store viruses in a separate location from other junk email, and to prohibit user access to that quarantine. This allows businesses to ensure viruses are safely secured away from users so that accidental access is impossible.

Spam Protection
Spam Protection

Spam email makes up about 80% of all email sent. The impact of spam on businesses affects employee productivity, exposes the recipient to phishing or links to web based threats and consumes valuable server resource. Spam emails increase server utilization, increase backup and restore times, increase mailbox sizes and use Internet bandwidth.

CensorNet Email Security includes best of breed anti-spam technology and combines this with proprietary technology to detect more than 99% of spam without stopping legitimate email. Spam detection is backed up by our 24/7 monitoring center that watches for and reacts to outbreaks and new trends.

The spam filtering engines seamlessly integrate into the comprehensive rules engine which provides administrators complete and granular control over how spam is handled. Spam can be rejected, deleted or quarantined for either users or administrators to view. When spam is quarantined for user review, users receive a simple email with a list of all of their spam messages with the options to preview the message safely, release the message or add the sender to their safe or deny list.

Modular reporting
Modular reporting

Whilst reporting is often seen as a management tool, it can be crucial to troubleshooting and optimizing mail flow. The reporting module has various built in reports:

  • Volume of email by organization and user
  • Drill down by rule and action that emails hit as they went through the system
  • The ability to monitor ‘top talkers’ on the email system

Access to the Email Security (EMS) dashboard is fully audited so that the IT department can see which user is responsible for adding, updating or removing settings. The flow of email is also fully audited including what rules were triggered and the actual conversation between EMS and the destination mail server.

Outbound Protection
Outbound Protection

Spam or bulk email does not have to originate on the Internet. It is a common occurrence that users with infected devices spread viruses and turn organizations in to spam sending domains incredibly quickly. CensorNet Email Security will not only scan every outbound email but if a spam outbreak is detected it will take mitigating action to restrict and contain the outbreak before it damages your reputation. This provides the IT department with valuable time and information required to resolve the issue quickly and effectively.

Quarantine Digest
Quarantine Digest

The quarantine digest provides a simple way for users to review any possible spam stopped by the CensorNet Email Security solution. The digest can be configured to be sent out at any frequency (hourly, daily, weekly), and can be set to only be sent on certain days of the week. The digest provides a very simple layout, which shows the possible spam messages that have been quarantined since the last digest.

Users can click on the subject of the emails to preview the content before releasing them. Or just click “Release” or “Safe Sender” if they deem the message appropriate. The messages will be delivered directly to the user’s inbox.

Depending on the configuration, users can also access the Email Security portal for additional quarantine management and settings.

Administrators have the ability to restrict a user’s permission within digests, or even prevent users from receiving digests entirely. By default only possible spam is displayed in the digest. This avoids any risk of users releasing viruses or other potentially dangerous content. The digest is formatted in such a way they can be displayed on most devices and even work well on smartphones and webmail clients.

System Architecture


Business Continuity

The Business Continuity module within the Email Security (EMS) solution provides users with immediate access to their email in the event of a serious email server failure. In addition, EMS will automatically start queuing email until the mail server issue is resolved, ensuring no email is lost despite the unexpected interruption.

The system includes a Webmail feature which can be enabled and disabled on a per user basis. This allows individual users to login to the Email Security dashboard and access their email with full read, compose, forward and attachment ability. It also provides users with access to previous emails that have been sent or received, through integration with the archiving module.

The Webmail module is fully functional including, attachment management, printing, spell check and full rich text editing.

When the local email server returns to service, any email received during the period that the server was offline will automatically be delivered to the server, ensuring your organization remains operational at all times.

At the heart of the EMS product is a comprehensive rules engine that allows the IT department to control every aspect of email flow and delivery. There are numerous different conditions that can be detected, ranging from the direction of email and its spam score, to the size of attachments, Active Directory parameters, message content and headers. Further actions can be taken based on the conditions, such as notification, quarantine, deliver and block. Conditions can be made even more granular by including keyword dictionaries or regular expressions. The rules engine could be described as a router for email in the cloud.


How does CensorNet Email Security work?

Real-time Anti-malware Scanning - Incorporate multiple layers of scanning such as online threat detection, reputation and heuristics to block viruses in email attachments.

Anti-spam Filtering - Real-time anti-spam and anti-phishing protection for inbound and outbound email removes spam, potentially harmful emails, time wasting messages and bogus messages.

Outbound Protection - In the event of a spam outbreak on your network, CensorNet Email Security can protect outbound email volumes to help contain the problem.

Safe and Deny Lists - Create company-wide or personal (per user) Safe & Deny lists.

Rules Engine - Numerous conditional triggers are available to control email delivery. Messages can be filtered based on size, keywords, spam score, time, source, destination, attachments and more.

Dictionary Filtering - Create an unlimited number of "dictionaries" which may contain text strings such as email addresses or keywords and be used as part of the rules engine to trigger actions.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) - Enforce TLS security for encrypted email transactions. Restrict communication with other email servers that do not honor TLS.

Queuing - As CensorNet Email Security is your primary and secondary MX in the event that your local email server fails, email will be queued for up to 7 days until your server is back online again. Once online, the mail will be delivered as normal. 

Directory Harvest Attack Prevention - Drop email that is destined for invalid or fake email addresses before it reaches your mail server.

Link Scanning - Our unique link scan feature checks links (URLs) inside an email at the point of clicking, giving users the option to safely preview the result and an assessment of the risk of the URL/actual link. This unique approach eliminates some of the more sophisticated ransomware attacks, where a link destination is changed from the time being scanned to the time of the user clicking - and thereby fooling most common link scan methods.

IT Administration/Access Control

Web User Interface - Easy to use web-based portal provides a simple administration interface.

Delegated Administration - Create multiple administrators with different levels of access to the administration interface.

Quarantine Digest - The digest email lists all messages in the user’s quarantine and allows the user to preview, release or block the messages, without needing to login to the portal. This reduces IT administration and allows the user to manage their personal safe lists easily.

Active Directory/Exchange Integration - Synchronize mailboxes from Exchange with the CensorNet Email Security portal. Synchronize Active Directory groups and apply rules based on group membership if required. CensorNet Email Security supports both pull and remote push options for synchronization of Active Directory (AD).

Disclaimers - Append an HTML and/or plain text disclaimer on all outbound email. Set different disclaimers for different domains.

Email Backup/Archiving - Optionally backup all inbound and outbound email. The backup option includes unlimited storage and the backup can be stored from 3 days to 7 years.

Emergency Inbox - Optional web-based email client within the CensorNet Email Security portal that allows users to read, compose and reply to messages within the portal.

CensorNet Email Security - Operates with two different data centres in two different clouds, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), thereby providing effective fail-over opportunities by pointing primary and secondary MX-records to those different data centers.


Detailed Audit - Provide complete visibility on inbound and outbound messages for your domain(s). The email audit allows for examination of the exact reason an email was delivered or rejected, including the conversation with the remote email server.

Action and Rule Reports - Chart and table reports based on the rules triggered and actions taken for all inbound and outbound email.

Top Talkers Report - Understand which users are sending and receiving the most email

Event Viewer - All actions and events are logged in the Event Viewer allowing the administrator to see exactly what user has performed a certain action within the portal.


Quick and Easy Deployment - Redirect domain MX records to CensorNet Email Security cloud. CensorNet Email Security will then forward clean messages to the local email server.