Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure access to a wide range of systems, services and applications using an adaptive, cloud-based multi-factor authentication solution. Protect user accounts with more than just a password and reduce the impact of password reuse when the next large scale data breach happens.

Untouchable time to value

100% cloud-based back end, simplifying implementation and accelerating time to value for organisations of all sizes.

Frictionless user experience

Adaptive multi-factor authentication delivers a friction-less user experience - intelligently challenging users only when risk is high.

Ease of deployment

Out-of-the-box support for a wide range of systems, services and applications including all major VPN vendors and cloud applications.

Intelligent, adaptive MFA solution

Passwords are not enough. Multi-Factor Authentication adds an additional layer of protection to user and privileged accounts – eliminating account compromise and identity related threats.

Stolen or weak passwords

Over 81% of data breaches start with a weak or stolen credential.

Insecure OTP delivery

Some OTPs sent by legacy solutions are susceptible to interception and vulnerable to phishing and MITM attacks.

Insider threat

Joiner Mover Leaver processes often result in ex-employees having access to systems and data long after they have left.

MFA Multi-Factor Authentication

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How Cloud MFA works

Add an additional level of protection to user accounts above and beyond a simple password. Prevent unauthorised access in the event of password phishing, theft or brute force attack.

Features & Benefits

OTP Real-time session-specific One-Time Passcodes (OTPs)

Real-time generated OTPs provide improved security over predetermined time-based sequences.

Apps Wide Application Support

Supports a wide range of systems, services and applications including all major VPNs and cloud applications (via ADFS).

Delivery Automatic Delivery Failover

Supports OTP delivery via email, SMS, mobile app and Google Authenticator with failover between methods for high delivery assurance.

AD Integrated with AD

Fully integrated with Microsoft® Active Directory with the Censornet AD Connector software/service.

Deploy Ease of Deployment

Easy to install agents for on-premises services, which connect to a 100% cloud-based back end.

UX User Experience

Intuitive enrolment, easy to read MemoPasscodes™ and live status feedback showing OTP expiry.

Intuitive user interface

Screenshot Yellow Powered by IntelliTrust

Visual rule builder for MFA powered by IntelliTrust.

Screenshot Yellow MFA User View

At a glance user view showing individual status and group memberships.

Screenshot Yellow MFA Activity Report

Detailed authentication activity report.

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Multi-Factor Authentication Clients

What our customers say

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“For our government customer, productivity has improved because users are logging in more often. It’s also improved the productivity of its IT team because users make far less support calls to the help desk because of the ease of use. And the solution has saved the customer money – the lower costs in buying and maintaining the product have helped make significant financial savings.”

David Barrie, IT Systems Manager

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“As a law firm, many of the cases we deal with are very sensitive, so the data we store is confidential. We were conscious that where our remote working environment was concerned, our security was only as good as the weakest password used by our employees. We needed to find a solution and quickly.”

Tim Bond, Head of IT

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