Web Security

Protect your organization from web-borne malware, offensive or inappropriate content and manage time spent on websites that impact productivity. Powered by a unique architecture that ensures lightning fast response times for all users no matter where they are in the world.

Unrivaled user experience

Unique architecture eliminates the need to proxy web traffic. 11+ global data centers for guaranteed ultra-fast response times.

Empower the mobile workforce

Roaming, personal (BYOD) and guest device support with zero-touch configuration and follow-the-user filtering.

Total flexibility & transparency

Rapid and flexible policy creation with a unique visual rule builder that enables powerful web access control without impacting users.

+ combine with other security products to unlock the benefits of ASE

Enable traditionally silo’d products to share and react to security events and state data whilst leveraging world class threat intelligence. Prevent attacks before they enter the kill chain.

What is ASE

Total web security for today's internet

The web has changed – secure web gateways haven’t. Censornet Web Security provides next generation protection from all web-related threats.

Dangerous content

Harmful, offensive, inappropriate or illegal content on malicious pages or hidden deep within legitimate sites.

Web-borne malware

Malware distribution sites, compromised pages on legitimate sites, malvertising and infected files either downloaded or cloud-shared.

Inappropriate images

Inappropriate ‘Not Safe For Work’ (NSFW) images - including adult, offensive and extremist content.

How it works

Unique architecture eliminates the need to proxy web traffic, preserving the user’s real IP address and upholding privacy by allowing the browser to maintain direct communication with the web application server.

Features & Benefits

Threat Threat protection

Protection via a powerful combination of real-time traffic inspection, URL reputation, advanced anti-malware and threat intelligence.

Encryption Encrypted sites

With over 70% of the web encrypted deep inspection of SSL/TLS traffic is essential.

Unknown Automatic unknown URL classification

Automatic real-time analysis of previously unseen pages.

Portal Guest and Captive portals

Create and apply separate policies to personal and guest devices.

Power Powerful policies

Block/allow or apply time quotas based on users, groups, devices by category or keyword lists.

Category Page level categorization

Every page within a site is categorized – not just the domain or subdomain

Intuitive user interface

Screenshot Yellow Web Cropped

Web Security and CASB combined visual rule builder.

Screenshot Yellow Web Filter Rules

Web Security filter rules

Screenshot Yellow Web Deployment

Web Security deployment

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The Image Content Analysis (ICA) add on for Web Security protects employees and IT environments from inappropriate ‘Not Safe For Work’ (NSFW) images – including adult, offensive and extremist content.

ICA incorporates AI and deep learning technology to provide extremely high accuracy, eradicating false positives.

ICA enables powerful Acceptable Use Policy enforcement – without the need for human moderation – whilst protecting employees, avoiding legal liability, and maintaining company culture and brand image.

  • Prevent NSFW imagery from entering the environment
  • Identify users that are potentially misusing Internet (web) access
  • Detect and manage high-risk image and video content
  • Proactive, automatic enforcement of policy as and when required – with an audit trail to demonstrate action / protection


Simple Management

ICA is fully integrated within the Web Security service as an optional add on to the Censornet Cloud Gateway. ICA scans all images and videos accessed online automatically, replacing any inappropriate content with a ‘safe’ symbol.

Legal Liability

In most countries employers can be held vicariously liable for the actions of their employees – unless they can demonstrate they have taken all reasonable steps to protect their people from a hostile working environment.

ICA protects organizations from harassment and offensive content claims – or even criminal charges if illegal content is involved – and ensures a safe workplace for everyone.

Brand Preservation

Companies spend exceptional amounts of time and money building a compelling brand and positive brand image. Negative press coverage can damage an organization’s brand almost instantaneously but take an age to restore. ICA mitigates the risk of unwanted publicity.


Image Content Analysis is also available for CASB Inline Mode – scanning content of files uploaded to cloud storage applications including box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Image Content Analysis is also available as an add on for Email Security scanning images in email messages and attachments.

After email, the web is the second most common vector for malware infection.

The Antivirus (AV) add on for the Censornet Cloud Gateway provides an optional additional layer of advanced malware protection at the network edge, stopping malicious code before it reaches the endpoint.

Gateway AV scans all accessed web content in real-time for malware with support for all file types known to be used to spread malware content – including executables, packed executables, archives, Office documents, flash files and MP4 video. The AV engine is updated hourly.

A multi-layer security model protects users from advanced malware threats:

  • Layer 1 – uses URL filtering and online threat detection to identify malware before it gets to the device
  • Layer 2 – uses heuristics, emulation, and generic signatures to identify unknown malware that has not been seen previously (zero day malware)
  • Layer 3 – monitors file behavior and blocks the file if it starts to behave maliciously
  • Layer 4 – file hashes are compared with a database of more than 1.6 billion known clean file hashes to reduce false positives

This optional add on provides additional reports by Active Directory Group including:

Top Web Categories by Group – The top Web categories visited by all users with the option to limit to a specific Active Directory group (direct membership).

Top Domains by User or Group – The top domains visited by users with the option to limit to a specific Active Directory group (direct membership).

Top Users or Groups by Time Spent – The top users by approximate time spent browsing, with the option to limit to a specific Active Directory group (direct membership).

What our customers say

Thatchers logo

“We needed to allow the off-site users to access the internet without going through the VPN, as it really hindered connectivity. We wanted to ensure all users were as protected as possible. Censornet Web Security allowed us to do this.”

Hamish Ross, Senior IT Engineer

Tangerine Confectionery logo

“Censornet stood out because it was an exact match for our requirements. When employees leave the network, they are seamlessly protected when browsing online. Censornet Web Security was the only product in the market that could provide this solution for us.” “CensorNet has delivered the solution it promised and have gone above and beyond to ensure that it works with our business. It prevents issues before they happen by making sure employees are protected from malicious sites and activity online. We have had no security issues since we began using it.”

Mike Ryan, Infrastructure Manager

Cloetta logo

“The Censornet team was really keen to understand Cloetta’s specific business issues and design a solution that would best protect Cloetta’s assets, whether that was our secret confectionery recipes or secure financial information.”

GertJan Minkels, Solution architect

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Sub Categories


Our platform

Our cloud security platform integrates email and web security, CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) and adaptive MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) activating the Autonomous Security Engine (ASE) to take you beyond alert driven security and into real-time automated attack prevention.


Secure your entire organization from known, unknown & emerging email security threats - including email fraud.

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Protect users from web-borne malware, offensive or inappropriate content & improve productivity.

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Discover, analyze, secure & manage user interaction with cloud applications - inline & using APIs.

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Reduce impact of large scale data breaches by protecting user accounts with more than just passwords.

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Pioneering ASE technology

Autonomous Security Engine

Connecting your entire security product suite so it evolves and reacts automatically to a changing threat landscape.

Learn more about ASE
24x7 security

ASE provides 24x7 security so you don’t need to


Full access to threat intelligence without the cost


Integral part of the Censornet platform

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