Secure Remote Working

IT professionals are facing an unprecedented challenge in the wake of users mass migration from office work to remote working from home, with little time to prepare. While there is much uncertainty around the globe, one thing is certain, cyber criminals won’t be taking a break.

To support people responsible for providing a safe remote working experience for their organisation we are providing advice, recommendations and solutions to help tackle the many security challenges that arise when switching to a remote working model.

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Remote working insights

Let’s face it, none of us saw this coming. The way we work will change forever but we all need to deal with what’s happening right now. Below you will find further practical, actionable insights and guidance from our cyber security experts.


Advice from our CEO

Remote working advice during the Coronavirus outbreak - Censornet CEO, Ed Macnair, shares some key cyber security advice for IT and security teams on securing remote users.


Remote Working Checklist

It is more important than ever to ensure you have the correct settings and solutions in place to secure your workforce when working from home.


Watch out for new Coronavirus related attacks

Criminals are taking advantage of exactly the right mix of fear and immediacy to create the ‘impulse click’ that is so often the initiating step in malicious activity.

Secure remote working tips eBook

We've distilled the content from the Expert Q&A webinar into an 18 page eBook packed with all the standards, best practice advice, tips and tricks needed to secure your organisations' users - wherever they are working from.

Secure Remote Working Tips eBook

Secure Remote Working Expert Q&A

In this on-demand webinar, Censornet cyber security experts share practical tips and advice, best practice, and industry standards for securing a remote workforce.

Watch the webinar for key information to support cyber security professionals as they pivot to focus on enabling employees to work from home, in the wake of changing working patterns as a result of lockdown.

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How To Prepare

Secure Authentication MFA

Multi-Factor Authentication

With so many risks associated with account compromise, and at a time when many organisations are in disarray, it’s more important than ever to prove whether logins are legitimate or not. Reduce the impact of large-scale breaches with Multi-Factor Authentication.

Web security Web Filtering

Web Filtering

Web filtering tools will remove the threat of users visiting malicious sites and protect users from giving away credentials on spoofed log in pages. More importantly, it will also stop users going to sites that they may not have done whilst in the office, which can often host potential threats.

secure end points

Endpoint Hygiene

Viruses, malware, malicious web visits and malicious downloads can all be stopped with correct endpoint hygiene involving antivirus, which updates automatically, and alignment of gateway protection settings between the head-office and endpoint.

Protect your remote workers with Censornet

Our cloud security platform integrates email and web security, CASB and adaptive MFA activating the Autonomous Security Engine (ASE) to take you beyond alert driven security and into real-time automated attack prevention.

Improve Productivity

Prevent access to malicious websites, inappropriate content and manage time spent on websites that impact productivity

Secure Your Business

Stop users downloading unsanctioned applications, such as executable files.

Ease of deployment

Out-of-the-box support for a wide range of systems, supports and protects direct to internet connection for home user  

Transforming to a remote working business: CEO view

In this on-demand webinar Ed Macnair, Censornet CEO, answers audience questions and offer tips and insights to help business leaders transition smoothly, securely and successfully to a remote working model.

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