Protect against Targeted Attacks

To protect against advanced threats like ransomware, polymorphic malware, weaponized documents and credentials phishing you need a multi-layer solution that includes a range of tools that cover all the threat vectors and work together, to block malicious attacks. One attack can come from many directions; direct hacks into the corporate network; infected emails, attachments and web pages; and malicious links in online adverts. There are many ways in which social engineering is used to manipulate users to click on and download malware. Once it is downloaded and infects one device it is simply a matter of time before it seeds through the organization; in the case of ransomware encrypting small parts of data until enough has been captured to demand payment for its release.

Point solutions, however sophisticated, can’t provide adequate protection against the most sophisticated attacks; a multi-layer, multi-protocol approach is needed. CensorNet, with the Unified Security approach, protects against threats coming via web, email or cloud applications, as well as providing multi-factor authentication, so that you can be confident only trusted individuals access your network.

Attackers know that many organizations have gaps in their protection for remote offices, home workers, mobile devices and staff on the road using public Wi-Fi. CensorNet provides the same high level of protection to all your users, wherever they are.

Protect Anyone, Anywhere

Advanced Security for your users wherever and however they access your network. The range of deployment options means that PCs connected to your network, laptops running the CensorNet agent and even smartphones connecting via the gateway are all protected. Allow BYOD and guest users to access your network safely via the built-in captive portal and guest portal features.


Add new users quickly and easily with the Active Directory synchronization or import wizards, add offices or networks with the branch office feature, and report by organization, department, office or individual. New features are automatically made available.

Integrated 360-degree Protection

Security, Control and Visibility services for email, web and cloud applications are all available in one portal giving complete visibility. The logs are integrated and searchable to make incident investigation and the ability to respond quicker and easier.

Comprehensive Security

CensorNet includes multiple levels of security with online threat detection, reputation and heuristics across multiple platforms, and detect threats in SSL encrypted traffic. There are 14 levels of protection across both email and web including, web filtering, URL reputation, real-time anti-malware, spam detection, 8 anti-virus engines, on-demand link scanning and multi-factor authentication.

CensorNet is the only company that spans email, web and cloud applications, including social media. Advanced threat analytics are deployed to apply what we learn back into our product which helps to block more threats immediately and improve incident response time.


The service learns from every user, and partners with the best in cybersecurity to take advantage of data from over 500 million users and 11 billion queries per day. Every connection, action, attempted attack and blocked threat adds to the base of information and improves the detection of anomalies for everyone. That enables us to analyze context and reduce the attack surface to reduce attack risks. From requiring a higher level of authentication when your users are in a less secure location (like an airport lounge), to restricting the download of sensitive information when not on the corporate network, security needs to match the way we work now.