The fact that we have used CensorNet since 2005 and continue to use it in the new hospital speaks volumes for the quality and performance of the product and the support we get from the company on the rare occasions we need it. It has been a great investment for the hospital and continues to provide us with the reliable and effective web security and content filtering that we need.

Adam SmithInformation Systems Administrator - The Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital

Data Retention

Emails are a primary source of business communication and valuable information asset that need to be stored for regulatory purposes.  Applying retention policies to emails for individuals, departments and groups is required for legal and regulatory compliance. Sarbanes-Oxley legislates that all business records must be kept for 5 years.

Secure Access to Sensitive Data

Regulations require specific data to be protected from deliberate or accidental loss. When 63% of confirmed data breaches involve weak, stolen or default passwords, user name and password authentication is just not enough to protect the most sensitive data you hold. That is why the new PCI DSS 3.2 requires anyone with administration access to secure cardholder data to use multi-factor authentication.

The simplicity of the CensorNet MFA solution was one of the biggest draws for us, we liked the token-free authentication.

David BarrieIT Systems Manager - Amey

Audit and Control Data Sharing

Employees rely on cloud applications to perform essential business tasks and routinely upload data to the cloud.  As a result, IT security teams need greater visibility into where and when sensitive data is shared and accessed, and the ability to control, and prevent if required, uploads of sensitive data to cloud applications.

HIPPA requires a security management process and procedures to be implemented that prevent, detect, contain and correct security violations.

If something does go wrong

The compliance team need to drill down into any potential violations quickly and easily and see the complete picture across email, web and cloud applications in order to understand the whole picture of who did what and when. With CensorNet’s Unified Security Service reviewers can analyze and track by cloud services, email and web and by device, individual, department, time frame and network. It is therefore possible to see sensitive data legitimately downloaded from an authorized cloud application and then sent out by email, all in one portal.