Students are naturally inquisitive and will look for ways to ‘beat the system’ but CensorNet successfully thwarts any attempts to get round the controls, even using anonymous proxy servers, further ensuring that only appropriate content can be accessed!

CensorNet has provided a great return on investment for the school. The software has been upgraded through two new versions since it was installed at no extra cost, and has allowed us to develop and adapt our school policies as our computer network has grown and new internet challenges arise. We have also enjoyed excellent customer service throughout the whole period.

Trevor BattenIT-Systemmanager - Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School

For anyone with a remote network that needs a simple yet powerful filtering solution, I cannot recommend this product enough

Belvedere College

Because we have multiple login systems and many different login scenarios, it is a relief that we can solve all our user authentication needs with the new platform and be compliant to the strict regulations set forth by the law makers.

Martin Schimmelsystem administrator - DTU