Weak or stolen user credentials are the hackers preferred weapon and are exploited in more than 60% of all network breaches

Source:2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations report.

Passwords are no longer enough

Hacking has become big business for criminals and is now the fastest growing crime type in the world. In more than 60% of all network breaches the hackers simply log-in as a regular user and have undetected access to systems and data. With Multi-Factor Authentication from CensorNet you are effectively taking the hackers' preferred weapon away.

Two-Factor Authentication is no longer enough

Today, Two-Factor Authentication no longer offers the security required to protect against modern cyber threats or the convenience expected by users. Instead, you should look for a more comprehensive Multi-Factor Authentication solution in order to keep your business safe and your users happy.

CensorNet’s Multi-Factor Authentication has an advantage over traditional Two-Factor Authentication solutions and looks at multiple factors surrounding each particular login. These factors include: session ID, network IP geo-location, type of system being accessed, time of login, number of successful logins from a particular IP address, etc. All of these factors add context that helps determine the level of trust and whether the user should be allowed or denied access.

The users have found the solution intuitive to use and convenient because they always have their mobile phone with them. We have achieved our security goals and are now able to provide remote access with more confidence.

JD BrownSystems Administrator - Carolina Bank

Secure access to your systems and applications

Regardless of whether you want to protect cloud applications or a remote access system, we give you all the integrations and scalability you need. CensorNet supports a broad set of login systems for remote access. The platform is designed to integrate seamlessly into any of the third party systems listed below to ensure a secure and intuitive login process for end-users.  


We really have no worries these days around remote access to our systems and the constant threat of hackers being able to access our network has disappeared. At last I can sleep easy at night!

Brian SkibbyIT Manager - Borsen