Osterman Research: Using Third-Party Solutions With Office 365

Office 365 is currently the most popular enterprise cloud service in the world – licensed for use by more than 180 million users at more than 1.4 million organisations. But as with any application, you should perform due diligence on how it will perform for your organisation.  

This Osterman Research whitepaper highlights why relying on the native capabilities in O365 can present challenges and business risk for you organisation. And it provides insights into choosing the best third-party solutions to supplement O365 and ensure your business is protected.  

Read this report and learn:  

  • About the security and compliance capabilities of O365 
  • How the features and functions in O365 compare to capabilities on offer in third-party solutions 
  • How focussed third-party solutions can supplement O365 and better address your business needs  
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