Zero Trust and beyond: a journey for everyone

OnDemand webinar

The traditional perimeter is dead! So how do you protect your network in 2021 and beyond?

The answer is a fundamental shift in your attitude to security, away from implicit trust and towards a default position where you trust no one without good reason. The first step on the pathway is Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

Even if you are not currently planning to adopt a Zero Trust approach, the technology decisions you make today will impact the ease of turning to this technology in the future. We invite you to take the next step towards a more secure future by using our simple, accessible approach, which allows you to benefit from the security advantages of Zero Trust… and beyond.

In this onDemand webinar, Censornet's CTO will discuss the rising trend for ZTNA, what it means for businesses, and why as Gartner says 'The Future of Network Security Is in the Cloud'.

In this session, we will explore -

  • How the focus has shifted away from data centres to the cloud and what this means for security teams
  • What is Zero Trust and how can it benefit organisations
  • How context and identity are reshaping the perimeter
  • What we can expect over the course of the next few years - as organisations navigate towards a new security model and a Secure Acess Service Edge (SASE)


Richard Walters, CTO, Censornet  

Richard has 30 years of experience in the IT industry from blue-chip to start-up, with a strong technical background, and over 15 years in C-level positions focused on information security. Knowing the challenges of the industry inside out, Richard drives Censornet’s technology forward to continually adapt and innovate its cloud-based security offering to help businesses manage the challenges of the modern threat landscape. 

About Censornet  

Censornet stops attacks before they impact your organisation with a full spectrum cloud-native security platform that’s flexible, scalable, and easy to implement. 

We protect users no matter where they are, automatically, 24/7.

The Censornet Platform puts security teams back in control, without breaking a sweat. By integrating email and web security, cloud access security broker (CASB) and adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) into a single user-friendly platform, security teams gain unrivalled granular visibility and control, close the gaps left by siloed security products, and save thousands of pounds and management hours lost to separate systems and sprawling admin interfaces.

Our unique security platform and approach has led to more than 1,500 customers globally selecting us to protect their organisation and users from a range of security threats. From the point of user access to deep granular transparency and control, our security platform helps organisations confidently embrace the potential of the cloud without compromising security or limiting users. 

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